XBD-DL Series Multistage Centrifugal Fire-fighting Pump

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Model Number: XBD-DL Series
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 set
Type: Centrifugal Pump
Certificate: ISO, CE

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Performance Range: Rated flow: 18m3/h~360m3/h (4GPM~82GPM) Rated pressure: 0.30MPa~2.88MPa Rotating speed: 1480r/min Pressure at pump inlet: 0.2Mpa Max. Pump working pressure: 2.96MPa Aperture at pump inlet: 50~200mm Aperture at pump outlet:40~200mm Application: XBD-DL series pump can be used to transport the pure water below 130℃ and containing no solid grains or the liquids with similar physical and chemical natures as those of pure water as well as the liquids with lightly corrosive. It is mainly used for the water supply for the fixed fire-fighting system of both industrial and civil buildings (fire hydrant fire-extinguishing system, automatic spraying fire- extinguishing system and fog-spraying fire-extinguishing system etc.) The performance parameters of the pump can also meet with the working condition requirements for living (production) water supply under the prerequisite to meet with the working conditions of fire-fighting, that is, it can be used in an individual fire-fighting, water supply system and also in the mutual water supply system of both fire-fighting and living (production), as well as in the water system of buildings, municipal works, industry and mines and boilers. Structure Features: The pump is a single-suction multi-stage sectional centrifugal pump with a vertical mounting form(see the figures below). The pump is radial suction-in and radial drain-out and the relative positions and directions of both inlet and outlet can be mutually changed. The pump can produce different outlet pressures by means of number increasing or decreasing. The pump can be designed with many outlets, for which the client can separately put forward at order. The motor used for the multi-outlet pump should be fitted with the maximum stages.

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