DL,DLR And TSWA Vertical And Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

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Model Number: DL, DLR and TSWA Series
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 set
Type: Centrifugal Pump
Certificate: ISO, CE

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Brief Introduction of Product and Characteristics :
Our DL and DLR series vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps (low
rotary speed n=1450r/min) are latest-model products developed re sponding
to the actrual demands of feedwater market in high buildings and
to the standard of GB6245-2006 Performance Requirements and Test
Means for Fire Fighting Pumps by national fire fighting administration.
They are used to transport mediums similar to water not containing hard
granules and physiochemical properties. Flow extent ranges from 5~
360m3/h, head extent from 22~300m, power extent from 1.5~220KW
and caliber ext ent from 40~ 200mm. There may be 1~5 outlets installed
on a single pump.

TSWA series horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump is used for
the transportation of clean water without soild granules and liquid similar
to water respecting physiochemical properties. They are mainly used in
water supply for high buildings, fire fighting and spraying. In addition,
they are applicable for water supply and discharge in factories and mines.
The flow extent of liquid transportation ranges from 15~190m3/h, head
extent from 18~270m, power extent from 2.2~185KW, and caliber extent
from 40~ 150mm.
The medium service temperature for TSWA type exceeds 80 .

Mainly used for daily water supply in high buildings, constantpressure
wate r supply in fire-fighting, automatic spraying and automatic
supply for water screen and so on. Additionally, they are applicable for
water supply and discharge in factories and mines, long distance wat er
transportation, use with various facilities and supply for vaious production
activities etc.

Product Features

This series of pumps use highly effictive and energy-saving hydrodynamic
model at home, which are characterized by high efficiency,
mild performance curve, fargoing function, accordance with concerned
specifications of national fire fighting administration, in the hope of
saticfying users' different requirements. With vertical subsection structure,
it is adva ntaged with st eady operation, low noise, long service life,
small space oc cupation, as well as easy installation and maintenance etc.

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