Mini 2 Way Digital Audio Converter , Coaxial To Toslink Converter Support Amplif

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Digital 2-Way Digtal Audio Converter Support Coaxial to Toslink


The Digital 2-way audio converter is a Coaxial / Toslink audio converter, compact and convenient.It accepts S/PDIF audio signal input through either Coaxial cable or Toslink cable,and passes the signal (as is) to both its coaxial and Toslink output ports. With its built-in amplification feature, It can also serve as a repeater of audio signal and extend (double) the transferring distance.


# # Supports two-way conversion: Coaxial to Toslink or Toslink to Coaxial.
# Supports amplification of S/PDIF audio and extends the transferring distance,
# through coaxial and/or Toslink cables.
# Select one input from Coaxial or Toslink input ports, and send S/PDIF audio
# signal to both Coaxial and Toslink output ports simultaneously.
# Compact size and easy to install.


Digital 2-way audio converter

5V DC Power Supply Adaptor

Operation Manual


- - - -
Input ports: | 1 x Coaxial RCA Jack and 1 x Toslink (optical fiber) port |
Output ports: | 1 x Coaxial RCA Jack and 1 x Toslink (optical fiber) port |
Dimensions(mm): | 66mm x 55mm x 20 mm |
Wight (g): | 40g |
Storage Temperature | 20 C ~ 60 C/4 F ~140 F |
Relative Humidity | 20 ~ 90% RH (Non-condensing) |
Power Consumption (Max) | 1W |
- - - -

Operation controls and Fuctions

Optical IN: Connect the Optical input to an Optical digital audio source, such as a DVD.

Coaxial IN: Connect the Coaxial input to an Coaxial digital audio source, such as a DVD.

DC IN: Plug the 5V DC power supply into the unit.

USB Power: Connect the USB power port to any powered USB with a Mini-USB cable or Mini-USB to AC adaptor.

Input switch: Select the Optical or Coaxial input.

Power LED: The LED will illuminate when connected to power

Coaxial output:Connect the output ports to the Coaxial input port of audio

Optical output:Connect the output ports to the TOSLink (Optical Fiber) input port of audio

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