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Brand Name: SUIN
Place of Origin: CHINA
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Certificate: CE, RoHs,PAHs, ISO9000

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Arbitrary Waveform Generators TFG6900A With Direct Digital Synthesis technique (DDS),large scale integrated circuits and soft-core embedded system (SOPC), TFG6900A series are of the excellent technical performances and powerful function characteristics which are necessary for the fast measurement. TFT-LCD interface can show the illustration of output waveform and parameters. Keypads and knob are convenient for operation. Arbitrary Waveform Generators Arbitrary Waveform Generators China Arbitrary Waveform Generators for sale FEATURES 4.3’High resolution TFT LCD display Two independent channels output, same characteristic 1μHz frequency resolution for whole range 120 MSa/s sampling rate, 14 bits vertical resolution 5 standard waveforms, 50 built-in and 5 user-defined arbitrary waveforms FM, AM, PM, PWM, Sum, FSK, BPSK and SUM Modulation, sweep and burst function Channel coupling and combine features on CHB Build in 350MHz frequency counter Arbitrary Waveform Edit PC Software Standard interface: USB Host, USB Device and RS-232 SPECIFICATIONS TFG6910A TFG6920A TFG6930A TFG6940A TFG6960A Frequency Range Sine 1μHz ~ 10MHz 1μHz ~ 20MHz 1μHz ~ 30MHz 1μHz ~ 40MHz 1μHz ~ 60MHz Square, Pulse 1μHz ~ 10MHz others 1μHz ~ 5MHz Resolution 1μHz Accuracy ±(50ppm+1μHz) Waveform Type Standard Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise Arbitrary 50 built-in waveforms + 5 user-defined waveforms Sine Harmonic Distortion ≤-60dBc  F<5MHz ≤-60dBc  F<5MHz ≤-50dBc  F≥5MHz ≤-50dBc  F<30MHz ≤-45dBc  F≥30MHz Total Distortion ≤0.1%  (20Hz to 20kHz, 20Vpp) Square Edge Time ≤20ns Pulse Overshoot ≤ 10% Duty Cycle 0.1% to 99.9%  Pulse Width 50ns to 2000s Ramp Symmetry 0.0% to 100.0% Arbitrary Length 4096 points Sampling Rate 120 MSa/s Vertical Resolution 14 bits (CHA); 10bits (CHB) Filter Bandwidth 50MHz Non-Volatile Memory 5 Amplitude Range Frequency≤20MHz 0.1mVpp to 10Vpp(50Ω)  0.2mVpp to 20Vpp(Open circuit) Frequency>20MHz 0.1mVpp to 7.5Vpp(50Ω)  0.2mVpp to 15Vpp(Open circuit) Resolution 50Ω 1mVpp (Amplitude≥1Vpp)     0.1mVpp(Amplitude<1Vpp) Open Circuit 2mVpp (Amplitude≥2Vpp)     0.2mVpp(Amplitude<2Vpp) Accuracy (at 1kHz, 0V offset) ±(1% of setting+1mVpp) Flatness  (relative to 100 kHz Sine) ±0.2dBm    frequency<5MHz ±0.3dBm    frequency<20MHz ±0.5dBm    frequency≥20MHz DC Offset (Ampl.   0.2mVpp) Range ±5Vdc (50Ω), ±10Vdc (High Z) Accuracy ±(1% of setting+1mVdc) Modulation (CHA) FM,AM, Carrier Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. (only Pulse for PWM) PM,PWM, Modulating Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. SUM Modulating Frequency 1μHz ~ 100kHz Source Internal / External FSK,BPSK Carrier Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. Hope Frequency 1μHz ~ 10MHz 1μHz ~ 20MHz 1μHz ~ 30MHz 1μHz ~ 40MHz 1μHz ~ 60MHz Hope Rate 1μHz ~ 100kHz Source Internal / External Sweep (CHA) Carrier   Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. Sweep Mode Linear or Logarithmic Sweep Range Whole range Sweep Time 5ms~500s List Sweep Length: 600, Stop Time: 5ms to 500s, Hold Time: 0 to   500s Source Internal, External and Manual Burst (CHA) Burst   Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. Burst Count 1 ~ 1000000 Internal   Period 1μs ~ 500s Start/Stop   Phase 0°~ 360° Trigger   Source Internal, External, Manual Double Channels   Operation (CHB) Frequency   Coupling Frequency ratio, frequency difference Amplitude-Offset   Coupling Amplitude difference, offset difference Waveform   Combine Combine Amplitude 0%~100% SYNC Output Waveform   Characteristic Square, edge time ≤ 10ns Output Level 5V (open circuit)     2.5V (50Ω) Modulation and   Trigger Input Modulation   Input Voltage:±5Vpp(full scale),Impedance:10kΩ Trigger Input Level:TTL, impedance:10kΩ Frequency Counter Frequency   Range  0.01Hz ~ 350MHz, resolution: 6 digits/s Period,   Pulse Width 100ns ~ 20s Duty Cycle 1% ~ 99% Trigger Level -3V ~ 3V General   Characteristics Power AC 100 ~ 240V, 45 ~ 65Hz, < 30VA Dimension   & Weight 256×102×322 mm, Approx.3 kg

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