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New Design Charcoal Briquetting Machine, Charcoal Briquetting Machine, Charcoal Briquette Machine Raw Material Requirement of Charcoal Production 1. Raw material: sawdust, wood branches, wood residues, rice husk, peanut shell, corn stalk, bamboo, sunflower shell, cotton stalk, coconut shell, bagasse, corncob, leaves and any other agricultural waste. 2. Raw material size: 3-5mm. 3. Raw material moisture: 8-12%. Major Role and Characteristics of Charcoal Briquette Maker The machine can press all kinds of mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials to make them molded. Because of the mandatory squeeze roller,so the products have the three high characteristics: high density ,high strength ,high hardness. Because of the mandatory squeeze rollers, so the products have high density, high strength, high hardness, and the local roll is used in 650Mn hard materials with good wear resistance. Charcoal Briquettes Production Flowchart 1. Material Crushing: put the raw material into crusher and crush into small pieces (diameter is about 3-5mm). We have 3 types of wood crushers respectively designed for different materials. Wood blade crush, wood hammer mill and straw crushing machine. 2. Drying: dry the granular material in the dryer or in the sun, till the moisture is less than 12%. For small scale charcoal briquetting plant, we suggest flash pipe dryer, while for large charcoal plant, the rotary drum dryer is the best choice. 3. Briquetting: briquetting is the most important process for the whole charcoal briquetting plant, our charcoal briquetting machine can meet different needs to of various scale charcoal plant. 4. Carbonization: at last, carbonized the briquette sticks in the carbonization furnace.3 types of carbonization furnace for choice: Self-ignition Carbonization Furnace, Airflow Carbonization Stove and Lifting Carbonizing Furnace. Website: Email: New Design Charcoal Briquetting Machine/Charcoal Briquetting Machine/Charcoal Briquette Machine

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