3.7V 14AH Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery , Electric Vehicle Power Tool Rep

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Excellent Performance 3.7V 14AH Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery For Electric Transport Vehicle


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Item | Specification |
Nominal Capacity | 14Ah |
Nominal Voltage | 3.8V |
Charge cut-off voltage | 4.35V |
Discharge cut-off voltage | 2.8V |
Standard charge current | 0.5C |
Standard discharge voltage | 0.5C |
Fast charge current | 1C |
Fast discharge current | 2C |
Instantaneous charge current | 3C |
Instantaneous discharge current | 3C |
Operating temperature | Charging :0~45 |
Discharging :-45~60 |
Storage temperature | 1 month: -20~+50 |
1 month: -10~+35 |
Initial load | 50%-60% |
Dimension | 8.2*87.8*190.8mm |
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# # Output with high efficiency: Standard discharge current is 0.5C, instantaneous discharge current is 3C.
# High capacity, providing more energy in smaller volume.

3.Wide range of working temperature

4.Good safety performance: no burning, no explosion.

5.Long cycle life

Why you choose Soundon New Energy?
# Soundon New Energy is a professional lithium batteries manufacturer with ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 certification, specializing in LiFePO4 batteries and NCM batteries with CE, CB, RoHS, MSDS certifications ecc.
# We can provide customization, global after-sales service.
# A creative R&D team and a QC group of good responsibility.
# Patented tecnology
# International advanced automatic production and inspection equipment fully installed in UL safety Testing lab & Battery performance Testing lab.
# Our production is under strict control of RoHS, providing environmentally-friendly products.
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