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Shenzhen Travel Guide Translation And Interpreting Services

Just across the border fromHong Kongon the Chinese mainland, lies the first tier city of Shenzhen, where around 15 million people live, work and entertain themselves.

Whether visiting or living in Shenzhen, this article will introduce some of the better scenic spots, historic sites and themed attractions. Shenzhen is a sprawling city covering ten districts, so youll need to plan carefully to make the most of your time places to see are listed by district to make this easier.

Depending on your expectations, you may find some attractions quite touristy and possibly even tacky but thats the nature of Chinese entertainment. Take time to look beyond this, and you are likely to have some great experiences and get to sample the unique and wonderful culture that China offers.

Getting around

The well developed public transport system is both efficient and inexpensive. Choose from taxis, private drivers, buses and the ever expanding metro. Check outGetting around ShenzhenandHong Kong Border Crossings, for more detailed information. There are also handy maps on most street corners, that although in Chinese will give you a good sense of your location and direction.

Tip:if you have a VPN, Google Maps shows streets in both English and Chinese. Its a great resource for showing taxi drivers where you want to go and for finding your way around.

Finally,here you find the reviews of the best hotels in Shenzhen.

When to visit

Anytime of the year is good for a visit to Shenzhen. The climate is the same as sub tropical Hong Kong mild winters and hot and humid summers. Shopping malls and larger restaurants are all air conditioned, but a mountain hike in 30 degrees might be better attempted in the cooler months.

It rains more in the summer months between May and September, but youll also experience days of clear blue skies to make the most of your visit. You certainly wont experience the pollution of cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but the skies are hazier in the cloudier, winter months.

Plan your visit carefully around the times of Chinese festivals. Whilst many Chinese citizens leave Shenzhen to return to their home towns, you may find travel arrangements difficult. Hong Kong / Shenzhen borders are crowded and can be painfully slow to cross. Public transport is busy and sometimes even unattainable.

Street food in Shenzhen

How long to stay

For short visits from Hong Kong, a couple of days will certainly give you a taste of the city. If you want to visit two or three different districts then youll struggle to see everything in a week.

If you have a full tourist visa, you might be better spending a few days in Shenzhen followed by a trip into the neighbouring provinces to see the real China. Travel in China is relatively cheap, and high speed trains, buses and internal flights can whisk you inland quickly to more rural scenic areas of natural beauty.

A word on visas

You will need a valid visa to enter Shenzhen or be eligible for a five day VOA (visa on arrival) which can be obtained at the border. For more information on visas check out our comprehensive guide here Chinese Visa Applications

Nanshan District

Nanshan is in the south western area of Shenzhen and is home to many of the citys attractions, as well as many of the technology businesses that have made the city famous. You could easily spend two or three days here if you enjoy theme parks, shopping, food and drink. The most popular attractions are listed below, but other options include the Shenzhen Safari Park, Shenzhen Bay Boulevard and Nantou Ancient Town Museum (currently closed for renovations).

Sea World

1. Sea World

In the quieter suburb of Shekou, youll find Sea World a popular plaza not an aquarium as the name suggests. There are a lot of western and European style restaurants, cafes and clubs. Its also popular for its imported German and Irish beers, and youll maybe feel at home in bars like McCawleys, The Tavern and the more upmarket Terrace all catering for both the Chinese and the large expat community living in this area.

Central to Sea World is The Minghua, originally an ocean going liner, built by the French in 1962. Its been remodelled into a hotel, with a large outdoor bar area and restaurants. Each evening at 7.00pm and 8.00pm you can watch a short, ten minute water fountain display, set to music with the ship as a backdrop. Theres an additional display at 9.00pm on the weekends. Its a bustling area in the evenings with occasional live music. However, other than food, drink and promenading there isnt much else to do here.

Theres a lot of development underway and a new luxury shopping mall, an arts centre and an iMax cinema are all due for completion by 2016. You can stroll along the seafront facing Hong Kong and theres access to the newly constructedHilton Hotel. If your budget is limited, there are a number

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