Executive Business Services Access Facebook In China Behind Great Wall

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Executive Business Services Access Facebook In China Behind Great Wall

The first part of this article explainswhat a VPN isandhow it can be used to access Facebook, YouTubeand the other websites that are currently blocked in China.

The second part is a comparative review ofExpressVPN,VyprVPNandPureVPN, which are in my opinion thethree top VPN services for China. Well compare prices, functionality and the performance of the three VPNs.

Finally, we discuss what kind of websites are generally blocked in China.

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What is a VPN and why do I need it in China?
As you probably already know, the internet doesnt work like we wish it did in China and a large number of websites are blocked by the Great Firewall. Among the websites that you cant access there are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.

There are many other blocked websites, and depending on what you do, it will be virtually impossible for you to work in China without a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from China. The most striking case is probably given by Google.com, which often returns an error message when used from within the Middle Kingdom.
But there is still hope
In order to solve this problem,you can install a VPN, which masks your I.P. address so that your laptop appears to be connected from the U.S. or Japan even if you are in China.

A VPN will allow you to bypass the firewall and access any website you want. But you need to choose wisely: even if there are tens of VPN services available, only a few works well in China. We have tested several of them for more than a year and today were going to review the two we like the most.
When shall I install the VPN?
We recommend to install your VPNbefore you travel to Chinaas, if you wait till you arrive in China, installing the VPN app in your smartphone will be more difficult as Google Play is blocked too!
What are the best VPN for China and which should I choose?
In a nutshell, if you are looking for a VPN that has good performance, its easy to set up and has servers in many countries, I recommend you useExpressVPN.

VyprVPNhas similar performances, however has less servers.

The third option isPureVPN, which we started to test recently and seems to be a reliable and cheap alternative to ExpressVPN and VyprVPN

Even though there are several free options such as Freegate (which is actually a proxy, not a VPN), they arent at all reliable and are extremely slow. The practical result is that by resorting to a free option, you wont be able to do anything other than check your Facebook or Twitter feeds. Even posting a comment on Facebook will become an impossible mission. Forget about watching a YouTube video.

Recently, several free VPNs have been released that might offer decent performances. My suggestion is to consider your decision carefully before installing one of them on your laptop or smartphone as, in many cases, theyll install other applications, such as programs that cause popup ads when you are surfing the internet, programs that store your browsing data to sell it to third parties or in the worst cases, programs that use your computer as a server (the internet will work much more slowly).

Since they only cost 7-10 USD per month, the best option is, without a doubt, to get a decent VPN service.

Nowadays, there is a large number of VPN services on the market. During the years Ive spent in China, I tested many of them such as Witopia (which was really good back in 2010), Astrill (probably the most popular in 2011/2012), Webmaster and others.

Regardless of what the reviews that you find on the web say, many of them arent working anymore because the Great Firewall is being constantly updated and its becoming more difficult to bypass it every day. Many reviews you find are outdated; therefore, check the publication date before buying it!

Since 2013 until recently, Ive been usingStrongVPNand I must say that so far, I have never had many problems. However, during the last years many better VPNs appeared, when it comes down to use them from China. As of January 2014, I started to also useVyprVPN, and rediscovered the pleasure of having internet on my cellphone. Since January 2015, due to the attack that multiple VPN providers suffered, we also began to useExpressVPNas an alternative with features similar to those of VyprVPN. And also in this case, Im very satisfied with the performances of the VPN. In October 2015 we started to use alsoPureVPNand so far its going well.
Why are ExpressVPN, VyprVPN and PureVPN the best VPNs for China? # First of all, they work: as Ive already stated, I personally use the three of them, so if one of them stops working in China, Ill update this article.
# They are fast: I tested many VPNs and I have to say that ExpressVPN, VyprVPN and PureVPN are the fastest ones that I have used.
# They are stable: Once youre connected, its very rare to lose the connection (this is

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