Gondola Scaffolding Elevator Construction Platform For Exterior Decoration

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Scaffoldings Elevator Construction Working Platform Is Used For Exterior Decoration

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Place of Origin: | Jiangsu, China (Mainland) | Brand Name: | NewTrade | Model Number: | ZLP800 |
Material: | Steel, Aluminum Alloy | Color: | Red, Yellow, Blue, etc | Surface Treatment: | Powder coating, Hot galvanization |
Length: | 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 5m, 6m, 7.5m, etc | Power: | 1.8kw | Rated Loading Capacity: | 800kg |
Voltage: | Suspending Access Platform accept different voltage | Application: | High-rise building, Large tank, Chimney, Dams, Bridges, Derrick, etc | Special platform: | Can be customized and supplied |
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# # SuspendedplatformorworkingplatformisusedforexteriorworkduringConstructionandmaintenanceworkpostconstructionofHighrisebuilding.Itisfastandcosteffectivereplacementofconventionalscaffolding.Simpleandeasytoinstall.Itcanbecustomizedasperclient/buildingrequirement.
# OurofferscompleterangeofSuspendedplatformstartingfromasinglepersonto7.5Mts,upto100mtrheight,sigledecktodoubledeck,straightplatformtospeciallydesignedplatform.
# TurnkeySolutions:OurEnterprisesoffers"ConcepttoCommissioning"solutionstocustomerrequirements.WehaveaninhouseteamforDesign&DetailedengineeringandErection&Commissioning.
# CustomerSupport:PrakritiiEnterprisesbelievesinpromptaftersalesservicesfortheproducts&systemssuppliedthroughit.Ithasgotafullyequippedservicecellwhichexecutesrepair&serviceofproducts,alsohelpsinprovidingonsiteservices&annualmaintenancecontractstocustomers.

# Parts contains:









9.Counterweights:Cement,cementwithsteelcover&Ironcasting counterweight

10.Wheels both under suspension mechanism & platform available;

11. Spareparts
# Technicaldata of zlp Serial suspend platforms :

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Model | ZLP500 | ZLP630 | ZLP800 | ZLP1000 |
Appearance | Painting/Hotgalvanized |
Fabricationmaterial | Steel/Aluminumalloy |
Ratedload | 500kg | 630kg | 800kg | 1000kg |
Liftingspeed | 9~11m/min | 9~11m/min | 8~10m/min | 8~10m/min |
Motorpower | 21.5kw | 21.5kw | 21.8kw | 22.2kw |
Counterweight(optional) | 25kg30pcs | 25kg36pcs | 25kg40pcs | 25kg44pcs |
Diameterofsteelrope | 8.3mm | 8.3mm | 8.6/9.1mm | 9.1mm |
MaxLiftingheight(m) | 300m | 300m | 300m | 300m |
Motorrotationspeed | 1420r/min | 1420r/min | 1420r/min | 1420r/min |
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# Safety Device

1. Safety lock and safety steel rope: Each end of platform install one safety lock and safety wire rope. In case the platform tilted to a certain range, the safe wire rope would be locked immediately to stop platform falling.
2. Safety rope : Safety rope is indispensable life protection connected with workers. It is made from high strength filament with 18mm/20mm diameter. When the platform decline due to a fault, the safety rope would get tightened to prevent people falling.
3. Limit switch and limit switch: prevent platform moving upwards or downwards beyond the limit.
4. Hoist brake electromagnetic brake:keep the platform suspended in case of circuit failure or power failure.
5. Centrifugal speed limiting device: ensure the platform descend or ascend at a speed no higher than 1.5 times of the rated lifting speed, keeping the platform moving more stable.
6. Manual hoist downhill device:in case of power failure or electrical failure, operate the manual to make platform descend and keep workers safe landing.
7. Electrical emergency stop: press the emergency button to stop the platform in case of danger.
8. Electric control box is designed with multiple protection such as over-heat protection, current overload protection and leakage protection to prevent any dangers that may happen during operation.
# Product parts

# Packing &Shipping


# Superiority of ZLP suspended working platforms



Q1: Do you have relevant certificate?
A: We have CE, ISO9001 certificate, and we can assist you with any certificate application you need.
Q2: Can I add my logo on the product?
A: Yes, we can offer OEM and ODM service to you.
Q3: Can I have a sample for testing?
A: Of course, Samples are not important, but sample will be 10% higher than quantity production.
Q4: How can I have the after-se

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