Air Compressor Electronic Auto Drain Solenoid Valve For Drying Machine

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Air Compressor Electronic Auto Drain Solenoid Valve For Drying Machine

Material: brass

Motion patten: 2/2 way, Direct acting

Thread option: G thread or NPT thread all available

Voltage: 24v AC, 110v AC, 220v AC, 12v DC 24v DC

Port Size: 1/2"

Two position, two way, normal close switch, magnetic solenoid water valve.
Can be installed at any angle, but it is a good choice when the horizontal tube keep upward.
Used to control automatically the liquid and gas in the pipeline

Electronic-drain valve is made of solid state electronic timesetting and solenoid valve, which can make the compressor condensates water drain automatically. It is widely used in filter drier, oil/water segregator, refrigerant compressed air drying machine, drying machine, air compressor dripfeet, and so on. The time of drain and interval can be adjusted according to different needs.

ElectronicAuto Drain Valve Specifications:


- - - -
Timer | |
Interval Time (OFF) | 0.5 to 45 minutes, adjustable |
Discharge Time (ON) | 0.5 to 10 seconds, adjustable |
Manual Test Switch | Micro Switch |
Supply Voltage | 24--240V AC/DC 50/60HZ (380V AC can be offered); 12--380V AC/DC 50/60HZ |
Current Consumption | 4mA maximum |
Enviromental Protection | -40 to 60 |
Operating Temperature | IP65, NEMA4 |
Housing Material | ABS Plastic |
Connection | DIN43650A / ISO4400 |
Indicators | 1 LED (yellow), indicating ON/OFF |
Design Standards | VDE01 10C |
- - - -

Auto drain valve

- - - -
Valve Number | BADV02 |
Type | 2/2 way direct acting |
In/Out Ports | 1/2" |
Max. Working Pressure | 16 Bar, 40 Bar, 80 Bar |
Min./Max Temperature | 2/55 |
Max. Media Temperature | Max. 90 |
Valve Seals | FPM, VITON, seals for forged brass, 4.5mm orifice |
Insulation | Thermal group H (200) |
Operating Temperature | IP65, NEMA4 |
Eviromental Protection | 24-230v AC/DC (380V can be offered), 12--380v AC/DC 50/60HZ |
Voltage Options | + - 10% |
Mountable in Any Position | Random |
- - - -

Auto drain valve packaging

Box size: 17X13X10cm

Qty per box: 1 pcs

Gross weight of one box: 1.2Kgs

Quality spare parts for electronic auto drain solenoid valve also on sale:

High Quality Electronic Timer on SALE:

Auto drain valve quality control:

We test leakage of each auto drain valve, and test working left by 100% touching electricity.

We also supply other type pneumatic solenoid valve:

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