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Comprehensive Drop Sensor Snack And Drink Vending Machine by Coin / Credit Card Pay
KVM-G432(Comprehensive series)

- - - -
Item | Parameter |
Model | KVM-G432 (Snacks & Beverage Vending Machine) |
Outside Dimension | 1535*1034*750(mm) (H*W*D) |
Weight | 180kg |
Body Color | OEM (according to customer request) |
Body Material | Rigid steel body with overall foam |
Showing Window | 1. Antiriot Tempered double-pane glass 2. LED lighting system |
Payment system protocol | MDB |
Payment System |
Standard: Bill, Coin and return change
Drop sensor | Ensure vending success |
Merchandise | Snacks & food
Beverages & dairy
Grocery |
Delivery | Spiral |
Max selections of tray | 8 |
Max trays | 4 |
Max selections of showcase | 32 |
Storage Capacity | 48pcs Beverage &100pcs Snacks |
Cooling Function | Compressor refrigeration |
Internal temperature | Top12C~18C
Bottom3C~14C |
Telemetry System | Record status, sales and inventory, Analyze merchandise and potentials inventory |
LCD display size | 160mm 90mm (L * w) |
Power | 500W, AC 110V-220V, 50/60HZ |
Product Certification/standard | CE,FCC |
- - - -

Excellent customer & consumer experience
Easy to be configured, convenient to use
- Prominent controller board and KeypadwithLED light buttons, more smart & efficient

Refrigeration and heating system
Remote control by GPRS, management software
Bill acceptor and coin mechanism configured at factory
Card reader payment device
Customized language display for specific country
IC/ID Card management customers conveniently

Fresh, healthy & more selections
- Stratified temperature control
Top 2 trays (A/B trays)range between 12C~18C
Bottom 2 trays (C/D trays)rangebetween 3C~14C
Flexible to vend more selections of merchandise, increase your consumers

Maintain with ease
- Self-Diagnostics to inform in time, keep worriless vending
- Modularized Refrigeration System,easy to maintain, repair and replace
- Optimized merchandise trays, be drawn out at 45/90 degrees for easy loading and maintenance of spiral and driver

Robust & Smart body
- Tempereddouble-pane glass full of argon gas for accident and thermal insulation
- Pickup box with separator to merchandise case
- Rigid steel body with overall foam, further efficient to keep temperature
- Customize painting or sticker of body, attractive looks that is loved by consumers

Environmentally friendly
- Refrigerator with R-134a instead of CFC
- Low air noise
- Computer-monitored temperature regulation system per surroundings temperature, energy-saving

Telemetry system
- 24/7 wireless monitoring vending machines at office or home with ease
- Record status, sales and inventory
- Analyze merchandise and potentials
- Keep never run out of stock and prevail!

Bright showcase
- LED lighting system, arrestive, vivid and energy-saving
- Glass Heaterembedded on glass to prevent condensing of moisture;

Vending with drop sensor
- Ensure vending success every time or refund the money

Paying in cash & cashless
- Comply with MDB payment system protocol
Bank note,Coin,Debit and Credit card,
Smart card, NFC,QR code and Bar code, etc.

Variety of merchandise in large capacity
- Diversified packages
Can, Bottle, Box, Bag, Bar, etc.
- Variety of spiral options and adjustable tray height go with merchandise
- Guide rail for cans tofacilitate cans delivery

- Max 9 selections per tray
- Max 6 trays
- Max expandable to 54 selections

Config of Capacity and Selections
- Snack/Food - Bag/Box
4 selections/tray
(4 dual spirals)

- Beverage/Candy - Bottle/Can/Bar
8 selections/tray
(8 single spirals)
Note: Above Capacity and Selections in the diagrams are for reference only, please contact us for more details

Q1: What is the life time of KIMMA vending machines?
A:10 years at least, and you can expect more than 20 years.

Q2: What is the life time of cash payment system (Coin changer & Bill acceptor)?
A:We adopt ITL bill acceptors by default, which are made in UK and with the service life up to 5 years by average. For coin changer, we use KIMMA (KCM-D) by default, which is developed and made by ourselves and proved the number of use is up to 80000 times.

Q3: What is warranty and after sales services?
A:One year warranty. Any question, we will directly answer you. If technical problem, our after-sales service professional will reply within 12 hours, lifelong and free technical support.

Q4: What is the brand and life time of the compressor used in KIMMA vending machines of refrigeration series?
A:We use Donper compressor by default, which is the largest and best manufacturer of compressors in China. The performance and efficiency is high, the life time is 8 years by average, energy-saving and

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