Anti-explosive Air Hoist With High Starting Torque

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Brand Name: lake
Place of Origin: china
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Color: yellow
Certificate: api 7k

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Air Hoist Ⅰ.Type and Name Type:JQHSB-50×12 Name:Air Hoist II. General Survey This product is a kind of hand-operated mono-drum hoist taking piston-type air motor as power. It employs compressed air as power supply to drive motor and then drum to rotate via two-stage gear reduction, thus hoisting all sorts of heavy objects. It features as follows: 1. Small volume, light weight and big flexibility; 2. Stepless speed change; 3. Flexible clockwise or counter-clockwise operation; 4. Explosion-resistant, especially at inflammable and explosive work sites; 5. Moisture-resistant, used under rain, which is is incomparabl to electrical hoist e; 6. Big starting torque, be started with load and equipped with overload protection device. All in all, this product is widely used in well-drilling teams, ships, pors, mines, construction sites for hoisting, fastening and tightening.
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