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Brand Name: Qiandong
Model Number: Qiandong05
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 10kg
Color: white,black,brown,mixed
Certificate: ISO9001

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Horsetail Hair Fabric is made with pure cotton or polyester fiber as warp and natural horse hair going across as weft in plain weave. Horsetail hair is a kind of protein fiber, and has pretty good plasticity. In 100 degrees Centigrade water or vapor, it can be extremely soft. In this condition, horse tail hair can keep the shape when you press and cool rapidly. The clothing engineers use this character to set it to fit any required body shape after hot-fixing in the wet state. The dress made of it will look fit, smooth, elastic and will never lose shape. Horsetail hair fabric fully deserves the title of First Choice of Lining Cloth. Composition: Warp: Cotton yarn or TC yarn Weft: Natural horse tail hair Use: Horse hair fabrics make an ideal interlining material in making of business suits, overcoats, parka, etc. Benefits of Horse Hair Fabrics: High elasticity, wrinklefree, high density, good flexibility and stiffness, smart, wash-resisting, wear-resisting, lasting in keeping shape, human body and environment friendly. We could provide inspection certificate, such as: A. Fumigation/Disinfection Certific; B. Veterinary(health) Certific;

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