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Metal Stamping Electric Computer Box Body Housing Aluminum Machined Parts Description: 1. Electric Control Cabinet 2. Electric Control Case 3. Electric Control Box 4. Electric Computer Box / Body / Shell Application:For Carton Box Folding Machine / Computer Box Material: SPCC (JIS Standard), Cold Rolled Sheet, Cold Rolled Strips. Board Regular Dimension: L2440*W1250*Thickness 0.5-3mm. Hardness: SPCC-1, SPCC-2, SPCC-4, SPCC-8, SPCC-S HRB & HV 1/8 Stereoplasm 8 5071 95130 1/4 Stereoplasm 4 6580 115150 1/2 Rigidity 2 74~89 135~185 Stereoplasm 1 85 170 Annealing S 85~110 Chemical Composition C Si Mn P S 0.10 0.05 0.50 0.035 0.025 Surface Powder Coating, With Salt Spray Test Over 96 Hours. Processing Technic: 1. Cutting 2. Laser Cutting Or Computer Stamping to Forming 3. Bending 4. 2ndMachining, Make Screw Holes If Possible. 5. Assembly: Screwing Tight or Rivet Mount Tight; Outside Laser Soldering, Inside Spot Welding. Copper Tube Forming : Automatic Tube Bending+ Burn into Tip Ends. 6. Polishing to Remove Shape Edges 7. Powder Coating 8. Quality Check 9. Packing Competitive Advantage: 1. 15 years professional experiences in manufacturing aluminum products. 2. 30,000+ molds are developed. 3. Original design and manufacturing. 4. OEM/ODM/Customization are welcomed. 5. One-stop service: design, drawing, mold, extrusion, deep-processing machinery, surface treatment, manufacturing and marketing. 6. Production is strictly complied with drawing and tolerance is about 0.1mm. 7. CNC system, milling machines, lathes, high speed precision power press, continuous running punch press, multistage and special drilling machine, hydraulic straight-line bearing sawing machines, automatic sawing machines, automatic pipe bending machine, hydraulic press machines, welding machine and all of the testing equipment. 8. Drawing File: .DWG .DXF IGS STEP SLD SAT STL etc. - - - - Electronic parts | Computer parts, electric appliance | Machinery | Machinery parts | Medical | Medical equipments parts | Sanitary hardware | Sanitary hardware parts | Auto and Motorcycle | Frame, components | Lighting | Lighting Components. Led heatsink .Led housing. Led lighting Radiator | Architectural | doors, windows, curtain walls, ceiling | Household items | kitchen wares, | Furniture | Furniture accessories | Chemical | chemical-reaction vessels | Aluminum products are widely used in different industries. | - - - -

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