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Industrial Stainless Steel / Aluminum Heat Sink Radiators , High Performance Product Descriptions - - - - Product Name: | Aluminum Heat Sink Radiators | Item No: | SR-3010 | Material: | Stainless Steel SUS304>8..316,316L,Aluminum,Copper and Plastic | Surface treatment: | Satin or Mirror | Finish: | Polish,Matt,Plated Chrome | Size: | it is up to the customer require. | Characteristic: | Mirror Polish 5K,8K | Packing: | Plastic Wrap,Foam Bag,Small Carton Box, Wooden Crate | MOQ: | Negotiable | Production time: | 7-25days,it is up to the order. | Payment term: | T/T,L/C | - - - - What is a Heat sink? A heat sink (or heatsink) is an object that absorbs and dissipates heat. Heat sinks are used in a wide range of applications (such as LED design) wherever efficient heat dissipation is required. Heat sinks are made of metal or alloy, which usually includes a combination of aluminum and copper. Heat sinks may also consist of one or more flat surfaces to ensure good thermal contact with the components that need to be cooled, and an array of comb or fin like protrusions to increase the surface contact with the air, and thus the rate of heat dissipation. The performance specification for any heat sink would be thermal resistance or thermal sensitivity, which is typically expressed in C / W as the temperature increase per watt of heat. When comparing ratings, thermal resistance is a nominal specification. The main factors that affect thermal resistance or thermal sensitivity include increased airflow (aerodynamics), forced air or water-cooling, mounting method, and ambient temperatures. Frequently, on data sheets for heat sinks, thermal resistance is presented as a performance curve. To increase thermal transfer between component and heat sink, a thermal adhesive (also known as thermal grease) can be added to the base of the heat sink. Heatsinksurface treatmentcan be Anodized Aluminum (colored) or Copper heat sinks can be plated with Silver or Gold. Customized Aluminum Heat Sink for Tunnel LED Light

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