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lyjone bearing     NUP2752 / 01 bearings used in medium-sized motors, locomotives, machine tool spindle, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gear boxes, rolling mill, vibrating screen and lifting transportation machinery. This is, in a variety of applications can play the best performance of a large load standard cylindrical roller bearings. This product, increasing the size of the rollers, increasing the number of sub-rollers, so as to achieve a large load. This product also has a high stiffness, low wear integrity cage, so that the product long life, low noise, seismic aspects of superior excellence.     Dalian Li Jun bearings into the commitment to provide quality services, good quality Li Jun bearings to provide you with a great variety, in accordance with the requirements of customers customized bearings. We use the most advanced technology bainite hardening, Chinese engineers provide guidance services for your site. We support small-scale production, and can provide expedited product for you. Related models: 09N03 09N04 09XS28 09XS28LKV 1004 1007 1008KL 1008KLL 1008KLLB 1008KLLG 1008KRR 1008KRRKRRB 1009 1009KLL 1009KLLG 100BAR10H 100BAR10S 100BIC439 100BIH439 100BTR10H 100BTR10S 100FS150 100FS150-SS 100FS150-TT 100FSH160 100FSH160-SS 100FSH160-TT 100KBE02 100KBE03
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