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220*340*76 32044 bearing is used in the automobile,mining,metallurgy,plastic machinery,axial load, hot and cold rolling mills,steel bearings,machine tool spindle bearings, construction machinery bearings,agricultural machinery,railway vehicles,rolling mill roll neck bearing,decelerating device. Wafangdian WSW Bearing committed to providing customers with various types of wonderful bearing and thoughtful service,we can also produce bearings in accordance with the requirements of customers. We use the most advanced anaerobic quenching technology,our engineers could provide technical guidance services.small-scale production and your urgent need is available. WSW is going to provide you the bearings as good as these brands:SKF,NSK,KOYO,FAG-INA,NTN,NMB,TIMKEN,ZWZ,LYC,HRB,NACHI WSW and TORRINGTON Similar types: BT4B 332654/HA1 BT4B 334011 BT4B 331809/HA1 BT4B 332664/HA1 BT4B 328305/HA1 332297 BT4B 328923/HA1 BT4B 332814/HA1 BT4B 328203/HA1 BT4B 328564/HA4 331999 BT4B 332590/HA1 BT4B 328922/HA1 BT4B 334147/HA1 BT4B 332822/HA1 BT4B 328268/HA1 BT4B 332760/HA1 BT4B 328732/HA1 BT4B 334097/HA1 BT4B 332933/HA1 BT4B 332659/HA1 BT4B 334125/HA1 BT4B 332658/HA4 BT4B 328045/HA1 BT4B 332934/HA1 BT4B 332928/HA1 BT4B 332943/HA4 BT4B 332596/HA4 BT4B 334099/HA4 BT4B 332959/HA4 BT4B 332956/HA4 BT4B 332663/HA4 BT4B 332571/HA4 BT4B 332960/HA4 BT4B 332786/HA4 BT4B 328956/HA4 BT4B 328074/HA4 BT4B 332602/HA4 BT4B 334081/HA4 BT4B 332720/HA4 BT2B 332683/HA1 BT2B 332931 BT2B 332536/HA1 332168 332168 A 331951 BT2B 332685/HA1 332068 BT2B 334087/HA3 332169 A 332169 AA BT2B 334110/HA3 BT2-8006/HA3VA901 331617 BT2B 328699 G/HA1 BT2B 334152/HA3 BT2-8017/HA3 BT2B 328695 A/HA1 BT2B 332871/HA4 331713 A 331713 B 332240 A BT2B 332913/HB1 331527 C BT2B 328410 C/HA1 BT2-8000/HA3 BT2-8002/HA3 331729 BT2B 331836 BT2B 332468 A/HA1 331905 BT2-8009/HA3 BT2-8003/HA3 331158 A BT2B 328580/HA1 BT2B 331837
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