Small Size Single Phase Active Din Rail KWH Meter , Electronic Watt Hour Meter

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KEMA Approved Small Size Single Phase Active Din Rail Energy Meter Electronic Type

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Model YEM015SD is the most advanced type electronic din rail energy meter available to the market. With the product range, we have produced a large scale of din rail energy meters suitable for 220V/230V/240V 50Hz/60Hz. YEM015SD is available with LCD display andadopts micro-electronics

techniques. It has its completely independent intellectual property rights.The main characteristic of this meter is its small size. t has already passed the test of the international authority KEMA. The appearance and size are just like mini circuit breaker, so it can be installed easily in the distribution box.This meter has white backlight source eight digits LCD displays to showthe active energy consumption. It has following features: good reliability, small volume, light weight, specious and nice appearance,etc.


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Model | Accuracy | Reference Voltage | Current Specification | Starting Current | Insulation Performance |
YEM015SD | Class 1 | 220/230/240V | 5(32)A | 0.02A | AC voltage 4kv for 1 min, 1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6kv |
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* If you need different reference voltage or current specification, please advisory our sales personnel.

Competitive Advantage

1. This meter has got CE & RoHS, ISO9001 certificate.And 100% quality inspection is performed before goods out of factory, and we will provide excellent after-sales service, providingtechnical support.

2. Small volume, the same size as mininature ciurcuit breaker, can be installed in the distribution box.

3. Standard configuration 7+1 digits display (9999999.9kWh) by white backlight source LCD (used in dark place). May select7+1 digits display (999999.9kWh) without backlight source general LCD.

4.Single pole width (Modulus 17.5mm), meeting the requirements of standard DIN43880.

5. Bicolor LED instructions power supply state (green) and signal of energy impulse (red).

6. The meter can detect the direction of the flow of the olad current automatically.And Instructions on LED (when display HELP 1 on LCD, thatmeans the direction of the flow of load current is reverse).

7. Single direction measurement of single phase two wire active power consumption. It has nothing to do with direction of the trend of load current.

8. Generally we offer short terminal covert, but we can also offer extension terminals cover for safety

9. We accept OEM and ODM production and can make customized products as per customers' requirements.


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