Rental House Use Re-settable Single Phase Din Rail Energy Meter With Reset Funct

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Re-settable Single Phase Din Rail Energy Meter With Reset Function for Rental House

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Model YEM011ZA is a kindsof single phase two wire din rail active energy meter. It has resetting function, verysuitable for use on rental houses. You can clear the number by pressing the red button on the panel.With two power energy counters, it can record anddisplay total energy and daliy energy seperately. It has port of pulse output and can contact with any AMR system.It has the function of high accuracy, good reliability, easy installation. If you are looking for energy meter for rental house, YEM011ZA is definitely the best choice!


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Model | Accuracy | Reference Voltage | Current Specification | Starting Current | Insulation Performance |
YEM011ZA | Class 1 | 127/230V | 5(30)A 10(50)A 20(100)A | 0.02A 0.04A 0.08A | AC voltage 4kv for 1 min, 1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6kv |
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* If you need different reference voltage or current specification, please advisory our sales personnel.

Competitive Advantage

1. Easy to install, available as35mm standard DIN rail installation, meeting the requirements of standard DIN EN50022, as well as front panel mounting(the center distance between two mounting holes is 63mm). Two mounting methods above are optional for user.

2. Class 1.0 accuracy, it can accurately measure power consumption with tiny error.

3. It has two 6 digits LCD display,2 counters,fortotal energy (5+1 digits display) and daily energy (4+2 digits display) respectively, and it is resettable through the red button on the panel.

4. StandardLCD display without backlighting, but you can also select the one with white backlighting.

5.There is built-inmaintenance-free battery,for displaying data when power failure.

6. Standard configuration one port of pulse output passive (polarity),May select increase a distant port of pulse output passive ( no polarity).

7.It can work withall AMR systems conveniently,complying with standard IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864.

8. Single direction measure single phase two wire active Power consumption. It is nothing with direction of the flow of load current. Complying with standard IEC 62053-21.

9. Two types of connection method can be chosen,standard configuration type S wiring andT wiring (Product Configuration code is TA).

10. Standard configuration short terminal cover, but you can select extension terminals coverfor safety.


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