Heavy Duty Komatsu Excavator Long Boom , Orange High Reach Arm

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Heavy Duty Komatsu Excavator Long Boom , Orange High Reach Arm


1, We have many years experience in designing and customize all kinds of long boom for all kinds of excavators.

2, We have detailed dimension of ZX870,we can customize this long boom for your ZX870 excavator

3, Main sheet Material of this long boom is Q345B + Q690D,the top and bottom cover plate is Q690D,Pins material is 42CrMo4.

4, Welding is protective-gas welding,the protective gas is 80% Argon and 20% CO2 mixed.This is golden standard for protective gas

5, Before welding,we have use big edge milling machine mill the edge of the sheet.So the welding can go to the internal of the steel-sheet and make the structure have higher performance

6, For all base,joint and other main structure of the long boom,we use boring machine adjust the precision after welding,to avoid the welding-stress leading to big tolerance.

We will prepare lubricant pipe system,hydraulic system,bucket,bucket cylinder,linkage,pins and hoses for the long boom we supply you.

Stick cylinder of the long boom,can use original stick cylinder to save the cost,if you need the stick cylinder,we also can prepare for you.

9. If necessary,we can prepare 1 kit or 2 kit extra auxiliary pipe line for the long boom attachment.

We will also supply parts list for the long reach boom,so its easy for Maintenance and after-sales service


- - - -
Boomlength | 11800 mm |
Armlength | 10200 mm |
Maxextensivescope(A) | 21600 mm |
Maxdigdepth(B) | 16100 mm |
Maxdigheight(D) | 16500 mm |
Maxdigdepthinverticalwall(C) | 14630 mm |
Maxunloadingheight(E) | 13800 mm |
Minrotateradius(F) | 5600 mm |
Bucketvolume | 1.7m3 |
Counterweight | 3 ton |
Foldingheight | 4100mm |
- - - -


1. Dredging river and sea

2. All kinds of construction need long reach excavator.

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This long reach boom was export to UAE

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