Electronic Auto Bagging Machines Urea / Fertilizer Packaging Machine

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Automatic Fertilizer Bagging Machine, Fertilizer /Urea Packaging Machine

Suitable Materials:

Urea, Fertilizer Pellet ,Granular Fertilizer

Technical Parameters:

- - - -
Precision | : +/-0.2% |
Packing speed | :600~700bags per hour |
Weighing scale | : 10--50kg per bag |
Power Supply | : 220Va.c and 4N-380Va.c |
Power Dissipation | : 1.5kW |
Compressed Air | : 0.4MPa0.6MPa |
Compressed Air Consume | : 0.8m3per hour |
- - - -

Main Structures:

1. Auto filling system (Gravity valve feeder--two gates)

2. Auto weighting balance--dual hopper net weighing mode

3. Auto belt conveyor

4. Auto sewing machine or Auto heat sealing machine

5. Electric control cabinet

Flowing Process:

Manual bag placing-->Auto filling-->Auto weighting-->Auto bag conveyor-->Auto bag sealing or sewing

Our Advantage:

1. Use Gravity valve feeder as feeding system

2 Use USA Mettler-Toledo brand load Cell

3. Use France Schneider brand electric parts

4. Use Taiwan or Japan or Germany brand pneumatic parts

5. Design and manufactue the machine based on 8 years+ usage period at least

6. Ensure all machine life online serivce

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