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?Aluminum Signs
The first step: dissolved film of different colors inside, it was significant in the metal plate, use molding machine after painting, so a number of standardized dimensions, to go through stamping, cutting by developing methods, unevenness casting and other process stages, in order to create the effect of different colors and content;

Step two: In order to make the aluminum surface of the printed coatings have a certain affinity for the oil surface of the plate should be removed, generally soft sawdust with an organic solvent to remove or oil;

The third step: Signage plate surface scratches, scraping a layer of putty should first make it smooth, polished manner and then choose according to customer requirements;

Step Four: When polishing spray drying temperature and time have strictly controlled, and then the product screen printing, complete graphic and edge design and production, through these procedures, you can create molded aluminum plate a.

Today, how to make molded aluminum plate on the sharing of here, in the metal plate production production process, play a decisive role in the screen printing plate and substrate pre-treatment technology and screen printing inks and printing elements of choice, we choose the time Note that now make up a wide range of screen printing plate has on electronics and home appliance products are widely used, it can increase the value and competitiveness of commodities.

Aluminum plate is what material

Aluminum plate in our lives more and more widely applied, many new to the industry, they both do not understand the aluminum plate, aluminum plate did not know in the production process are what material needs to be used, then in order to be able to let everyone on the aluminum plate have a deeper understanding of the staff the following T & H would be specific to tell you about aluminum sheet metal plate is what material:

?Aluminum plate production

Shears: a blade with respect to the other blade plate for reciprocating linear motion of the shear machine. Is borrowed in motion on the blade and fixed lower blade, using reasonable blade clearance, shearing force is applied to the sheet metal of various thicknesses, the sheet material separated by the desired size of the fracture.

Aluminum: Aluminum is the thickness of less than 0.2mm to 500mm, 200mm width of more than 16m within the length of aluminum called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet.

Paint: Paint is a securely covered surfaces, protective, decorative, signs, and chemical mixtures other special purpose coatings.

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