Custom Monogrammed Chess Backgammon Set Board Games In Tournament

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Custom Monogrammed Chess Backgammon Set Board Games In Tournament


Acrylic chess backgammon set is made by quality backgammon maker. The cabinet is constructed from imported high transparent acrylic, playing field is unique prosperities of resin in the surface. Strong magnetic in checher pieces holding place together with 2pcs dice cup and 5pcs dice to complete a set.
It is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide in homes, parks, clubs,online, by correspondence, and in tournaents. In recent years, chess also has become part of sme school curicula.


- - - -
Density | 1.2g/cm3 |
Color | Clear,transparent,marble,frosted,mirror,red,blue,white,black, 3color mixed.Nofadingcolourinoutdooratleast8-10years. |
Material | Acrylic/PMMA/plexiglass/lucite/perspex |
Technology | Castacrylicsheetproductionprocess |
Equipment | Importedglassmodels(fromPilkingtonGlassinU.K.) |
Quality | Acrylicsheetconformstotheenvironmentalprotectionstandard,alreadythrough SGSenvironmentalprotectionauthentication. |
InsideTreatment | Trianglepatternindifferentcolor |
Backgammonset | Fivedices:fourdicesinlots,onediceindoublenumbers;32PCSofchips; Twodicecups; |
Customized | Size, color, logo, thickness, design etc. |
- - - -


1. Elegantdesign
2. Hightransparency,98%,likecrystal,plastic"queen"
3. Thesurfaceofhighhardnessandgloss
4. Goodprocessingability,easydyeingandprocessing
6. Excellentoverallperformance
7. Non-toxic,resistancetochemicalcorrosion


1). For Gift
The chess set has a nice looking. A good gift for your friends or your relatives.
2). For Storage
Attractive design and color fits in with any of your home, hotel or any place. Perfect to enhance any event and makes a beautiful statement for your guest. It's very popular for collection.

Competitive Advantage

1. Foldable game board is convenient for carrying and storing.
2. Wonderful workmanship make it high end and noble look.
3.The inside of the unique properties of resin in the surface can see unique design;
4. High tech product, makes the appearance of backgammon not easy to scratch and its colors keeps fresh for 10 years at least.
5. Smooth surface makes it easy to clean and dust-free.
6. Form a complete set of unique: transparent colored chessboard corresponding transparent colored dice and pieces.
7. Patent Products pass SGS test.
8. Accept custom games drawing;
9. The existing model of inventory
10. OEM products available.

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