Palaeoecological Taste And Texture: “Yu Zheng Da Shi” Steam Oven

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Instead of the traditional steam pot, “Yu Zheng Da Shi” is a steam oven that produced by Zhongshan Zhongchuang electrical technology Co., Ltd through the 3D intelligent frequency conversion technology to translate the shape of water from liquid to water vapor so as to start the equipment save and sound as well as heating the food.
Steaming helps to keep the taste of the food.
Here is a question that everyone might ask: why the steaming food is much more delicious than others? Because steaming helps to keep the foods in its primitive conditions: maintaining food vitamins and nutrition, trying to retain water and avoid any wrong substances.
Here are several the advantages of steaming oven:
1. Fast.
2. Water saving.
3. Safe.
4. Energy saving
5. Clean.
The steaming oven that produced by Zhongchuang electrical technology Co., Ltd develop a new leading brand in hotpot industry. Let’s meet at the 15th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Fair, try to explore a new taste of healthy life. We will wait for you at the hall of 1.1, booth 588-589*628-629.

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