Overseas Trip Of HOSFAIR 2018---Every Step Counts.

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We have no other choice but to organize this fair. The overseas trip of HOSFAIR 2018 can be as far as possible so as to promote the exhibits.
We finally get to know that every city we visit is connected and every step is interlinked. HOSFAIR is created step by step. There is no fruitless road, while every step counts.
For the glory and dream
In 2003, because of SARS, the date of HOSFAIR was changed to September from June. However, it still took its first step of promotion to Southeast Asia.
In 2004, HOSFAIR set foot on Oceania across the Indian Ocean.
In 2005, the fair strode across Central Asia and Caspian Sea and reach Europe.
In 2006, it boarded in America across Pacific.
In 2017, the promotion area of HOSFAIR has covered HONG KONG, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and America etc.
In 2018, HOSFAIR will still be on its way of overseas promotion and will never stop!
To build a bright future
The overseas promotion of HOSFAIR was under a difficult circumstance in the beginning. There were only 20 cooperative media partners for some irresistible reasons. Growing out of nothing, although it was not a large amount, it was an achievement.
The increasing number and expanding overseas media scale boost the development of Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies Fair.
It entrenches itself in the domestic market and keeps overseas promoting in order to draw the future territory.
Nothing is impossible with a persistent will
The way to make achievement is so far but we will spare no effort to pursue it
What is behind every propaganda is perspiration.
Every statistic is a box of treasure.
Every telephone call implies a business opportunity.
Every edition of HOSFAIR is the unremitting endeavor.
The 16th Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies Fair will be grandly held in Zone A, China Import & Export Fair Complex on Sept.7-9, 2018. We are waiting for your arrival!

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