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Speaking of Mexico, there is always a mysterious feel. A great number of tourists from all over the world are attracted to this country with its vagarious climate and physiognomy, profound old Indian culture, mysterious Mayan prophecies, prosperous metropolis and attractive gourmet etc. According to the statistics, the number of overseas tourists who traveled to Mexico reached 35 millions in 2016, which rose by 9% comparing to 2015. It is twice than the amplification of global tourism.
In order to further expand the market share of tourism and strengthen the competitiveness of tourism industry, the government of Mexico constantly takes measures to improve and promote tourism industry, consisting of improving some infrastructure like accommodation, increasing tourist form like ecotourism and intensifying the propaganda of new scenery spots. In the same time, the government devotes greater effort to boost the development of hotel industry, which indirectly boost the development of hotel supplies industry.
Recently, MLB CAPITAL GROUP from Mexico has enrolled and applied its purchasing list to visit the 15th Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies Fair.
MLB CAPITAL GROUP is dedicated to the development, operation and management of hotels in Mexico. With an experience of decades, it aims to establish its hotels in the main cities in Mexico.
MLB CAPITAL GROUP is going to purchase hotel furniture, guestroom appliance, lobby supplies and hotel intelligence. Relevant exhibitors could make preparation to reach trade match.

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