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What's the most troublesome thing in restaurants? Doing the dishes!
As the catering industry is going up on the stage of GDP, people are gradually conscious of problems caused by high-speed development. According to the survey, doing the dishes is the most troublesome thing in catering industry. A mass of dishes to be wash obliges that the owners have to employ more workers to do the dishes. Inefficiency and wasteful human resource make more and more enterprises be eager to get rid of fussy dish-washing. Therefore, dish-washing machine comes out!
Which brand to choose? Huajing!
However, when an industry is getting mature and the market is developing more and more rapidly, products of the industry will be irregular. Even worse, some unqualified products are trying to pass fish eyes for pearls. As there are so many brands of dish-washing machine, which brand is reliable?
Combining with researching, designing, manufacturing and selling, Guangzhou Huajing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that professionally manufactures dish-washing machine. Being famous for high quality, Huajing has been the NO.1 brand of customer?satisfaction for 10 years. You can be at ease when you choose Huajing.
Why Huajing? Quality!
Huajing is an enterprise that manufactures disinfection equipment of catering with largest scale, various kinds of products, highest technology and most advanced processing equipment. The dish-washing machine it manufactures aggregates scientific technology and wisdom, whose quality is absolutely reliable.
Efficient. Time is money and it is precious to everyone. It takes only 20 minutes for Huajing's dish-washing machine to finish doing the dishes, which is so convenient.
Capacious. It adopts scientific storage design, so that it can accommodate a couple sets of tableware although it is tiny, which can save space and resource.
De-noising. The internal structure of Huajing's dish-washing machine is accurate. Structures are engaged perfectly. There is a noise-absorbing layer inside the machine, which can reduce the noise and make the restaurant quiet.
Energy-saving. Most customers thinks that the machine will consume a lot?of electric and time while Huajing says "No!" Electric and water are strictly controlled while it is working, which is totally environmental-friendly.
Safe. Safety is important for manufacturing. It's simple to operate the machine. All the component are not exposed, which can guarantee the safety of the workers. Tableware is cleaned by disinfector and detergent. Disinfect by 120℃, which can kill the germs to assure food safety.Where's Huajing? In HOSFAIR!
Huajing participated in HOSFAIR in September last year and showed its charm so that more people know about it. It will participate in HOSFAIR Guangdong Hospitality Supplies Fair in September this year. Do you want to purchase dish-washing machine? We're waiting for you in the 14th Guangdong Hospitality Supplies Fair in China Import&Export Fair Complex on September 8th-10th!
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