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Tableware is an kind of indipensable item in our daily life. You will use it when you eat lunch, drink soup and even jelly. There are various of tableware in the market, which can be divided into the ceramic, bone porcelain, enhanced glazed porcelain, crystal, glass, plastic and so on. Most of them will be used as household tableware. Usually, the plastic tableware will be used in restaurants.
It’s worth mentioning that a amount of tableware with patterns on its surface contains metal elements of lead, cadmium and etc, which will be harmful for our health. General plastic tableware has a layer of film on its surface. Once the layer of film is broken, the harmful substance will be released. Therefore, we should try to use tableware which is colorless, odourless, clean, firm and without decorative patterns.
Now, HOSFAIR will recommend a company marketing superior tableware for you.
Foushan Baibaoli Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional company manufacturing and processing knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, sticks, lunch boxes, plastic wrap, gloves, PP/PS and so on. The company adheres to the principle of “Guarantee quality and credit operation” with a set of complete and scientific quality management system.
All the staff in this company stick to the philosophy of “Product is moral quality”. The honesty, strength of this company and the quality of its products have been recognized by many peers of business circles. Honestly speaking, the company is reliable and we can use its products reassuringly.
If you would like know more about the plastic tableware of Foushan Baibaoli Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. From September 8th to 10th, we will look forward to having a deep communication with you in the 15th Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies Fair in Area A in China Import & Export Fair Complex!

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