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People in hotel would like to live in an elegant, noble, magnificent hotel like a palace. How to decorate the hotel like a palace? Now, Dongguan Huazhi will teach you how to decorate your hotel with decorative paintings.
Huazhi is a professional company in the business line of decorative paintings which assembles designing, developing, marketing, servicing in one, including marketing finished products and personalized order. There are various styles and plentiful colors, containing different kinds of oil paintings and mounting paintings. The styles making depend on the features of room and the sizes of main furniture. Besides, the patterns will be matched with the spatial function mostly. Different sizes will be chose according to the features of rooms and the sizes of main furniture and also will be tailored at your requests.
To begin with, let’s have a general idea of decorative paintings. In terms of styles, it consists of the styles of European, American, French, Chinese, neo-classical, modern, Nordic, Mediterranean and so on. In terms of themes, it can be divided into the paintings of famous painting, people, animals, landscape, ocean, still life, architecture, flowers, birds, insects, fruit, golf, wine books, cartoons, maps and so on.
Various decorative paintings should be placed in appropriate positions. What’s more, different painting should be placed in different positions. For example, a larger painting or middle-size painting combined with three to four painting should be placed in living room. Dining room is suitable for the fruits paintings and medium paintings of small bowls flowers. On the contrary, bedroom should place one to two romantic paintings with light colors.
Decorative paintings need for conservation. Now we will teach you how to avoid errors of conservation.
First of all, clean them regularly with a not completely wet and soft cloth because a hard cloth will do harm to the paintings.
Secondly, avoid friction and the impact of accessories when placing them.
Thirdly, take care of the surface of them and prevent glass from rupture due to the impact of other objects.
If you would like to know more about the decorative paintings and Huazhi. From September 8th to 10th, we will look forward to having a deep communication with you in the 15th Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies Fair in Area A in China Import & Export Fair Complex!

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