3 Axle 25.02 CBM 6 / 9 Tube CNG Tank Trailer Truck With Cylinder And Connecting

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3 Axle 25.02 CBM 6 Tube / 9 Tube CNG Tank Trailer Truck Trailer Tanker Sale


The whole structure of semi trailers is divided into walking structure, large volume seamless steel cylinder and connecting device three parts.

1. Walking structure

Walking structure is the main part of semi trailers.It is not only the transport but also the main load-carrying component. Walking structure of semi trailers use the skeleton structure, the frame is high strength through beam of 16Mn and goose-strengthened design. It can be modified according to the special structure of the loading cylinder. Walking structure is installed ABS anti lock braking system to improve security.
2. Cylinder and connecting device

Both of the cylinder ends are fixed by supporting plate. The front support plate and semi trailers walking mechanism is connected by bolts, so as to realize the temperature changes of thermal expansion and contraction. The back support plate and the walking mechanism is fixed by welding. Rear of semi trailers set operation bin which is designed into rigid structure, and be fixed with walking mechanism through welding.

A The uniform layout of three fastening screws along the connection thread peripheral in the middle of the fixed flange and the cylinder end, preventing the cylinder rotation.

In order to prevent the gas movement respect to semi trailers walking structure, between the support plate and the semi trailers walking mechanism, after each set before the two rod fixed; Two steel strips are settled along the cylinder outer edge,which are fixedthrough the beam of the bolt end and semi trailers walking mechanism.


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Model | SKW9401GGY |

Name | 3 Axle 25.02 CBM 6 Tube / 9 Tube CNG Tank Trailer Truck Trailer Tanker Sale |
Brand | SHENGRUN |
Announcement | 267 Batch |
Volume | 25.02m |
Dimension | 13000mm*2480mm*3140mm |
Rated Load | 4340kg |
Tare Weight | 35660kg |
Total Weight | 40000kg |
Vehicle Identification Number | LA99FRG3SKW |
Usage | The cargo's carrying part is 6 tubes tank-style designed, is suitable for the transportation of compressed natural gas. |
Remarks | Total volume of tank: 25.02m, Transport medium: CNG, Medium density: 170kg/m, Tank is composed of 6 tubes. |
Standard:ISO11120-19999Q/1500ZTL 002-2012 |
Tube Skid Container | Items | Parameter | Cylinder | Items | Parameter |
Type | GSJ08-2210-CNG-25 | Working Pressure | 25MPa |
Net Weight(without Chassis) | 26762Kg |
CNG Loading Weight | 4010Kg | Working Temperature | -50~65C |
Rated Weight | 30772Kg | Main material | 4130X |
Risk Class | 2.1 | Cylinder Quantity | 6 |
UN code | 1049 |
Loading Medium | CNG | Total Cylinder Volume | 25.02m3 |
Leakage test pressure | 25MPa | Hydrostatic test pressure | 37.5MPa |
Inflating Volume | 6300Nm3(20) | dimension(Diameter x Thickness x Length) | 711x17.4x12190 |
Heat Treatment | Quenching+Tempering | Design Temperature | 65 |
outside dimension | 12192x2438x1400(mm) | Working Temperature | -40~60C |
Leakage test pressure | 25MPa |
Medium Property | Explosive |
Bursting Disc | Bursting Pressure | 37.5MPa | material | 4130X |
Bursting Disc Device Discharging Diameter | 20 | material | 4130X |
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