High Efficiency Rubber Vulcanizing Press Machine For Thermosetting Plastics

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Most Popular Vulcanizing Press Machine In Rubber Product Making

. Feature

requiresophisticatedproducts.This Vulcanizing Press Machineis mainly molding equipment for all kinds of rubber model products and non- model products, has a simple structure, pressure, wide adaptability, high efficiency, and also for thermosetting plastics, foam, resin, bakelite, thin metal, building materials and other molding products .

. Application

1. Rail mold-open: O-rings, packing, keyboard and so on.
2. 2RT mold-open: roller, shoes, pharmaceutical stopper, automobile parts, antivibration products, pad conductive products, electrical applications and so on.
3. 3RT mold-open: suitable for 3 to 4 layers mold.
4. 4RT mold-open: suitable for 4 to 5 layers mold.

. Vulcanizing Press Machine Main Parameters

- - - -
type | MX-250VS |
Clampingforce(Ton) | 250 |
Stroke(mm) | 250 |
Heatingplatesize(mm) | 600*600/600*650 |
Diameterofcylinder(mm) | 400 |
Horsepower(HP) | 10*2 |
Totalpower(KW) | 51 |
Grossweight(kg) | 11700 |
Machinesize(mm) | 3500*2300*2650 |
- - - -

. Advantages

On the basis of Flat Vulcanizing Machine, the vacuum pumping device is added into Vulcanizing PressMachine to ensure that the production state of the vacuum state. Vulcanizing Press Machine is the
upgrading of the Flate Vulcanizing Machine, which can improve the quality of the products andshorten
the time of curing and save the energy.

1Q: What is the main applications?
A: O-rings, packing, keyboard, roller, shoes, pharmaceutical stopper, automobile parts, anti- vibration
products, pad, conductive products, electrical applications and so on.

2Q: Any discount possible if I place an order?
A: Yes.we have different price ranges (discounts) based on different order quantities. Please contact our
sales girl for detailed price information.

3Q: what is MOQ?
A: 1 Set.

4Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: Normally within 30 workdays after confirming the order. Different products and quantities have different
procedures and different timing. We may promise that we can try our best to finish all of your orders within
the shortest time. For more information, please contact us directly.

5Q: Are customized products accepted?
A: Your idea, your choice, we design, we make, Dongguan Jingui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd to be

your factory.

6Q: More information about payment terms?
A: We can accept Paypal, T/T and Western Union for money transfer and cash.

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