Ultra Low - Height Mast Electric Lift Stacker For Beverage , Food , Clothing Ind

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Electric lift Stacker with Ultra Low - height Mast

Applications of Electric Stacker with Ultra Low-height Mast:
This electric stacker with ultra low-height mast has a lifting height as much as 3500mm, and its overall height is lower than 1800mm. As a result, it is quite appropriate to be used in a limited space.

Technical Requirements of Electric Stacker with Ultra Low-height Mast:
1. Change duplex mast to triple mast.
2. Lifting height: 3500mm.
3. Overall height with lowered mast: 1725mm.

Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of warehousing material handling equipment in China. Over the past 15 years, working closely together with many college academies and scientific institutions, we have been committed to independent research and development in the fields of hi-tech and energy saving so that we can better satisfy today's market trends. As indicated by our brand of Zowell meaning "outstanding quality, industry leader", we have been sparing no effort to manufacture high-quality products and provide perfect services for our clients worldwide.

Our Zowell material handling equipment can be used in a wide variety of fields, like manufacture, logistics, packaging, warehousing, and many other industrial processes, especially in industries such as beverage, food, clothing, paper, medicine, new energy, automobile and motorcycle, plastics injection, and more. We have built up complete sales network in China, and cooperative relationships with clients in as many as 40 countries and districts.

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