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Wood chair. Waterproof, moisture. It has solved the problem of easy to decompose and expand the deformation of the solid wood when the water is affected by the moisture in the wet and dry environment. High anti fire. Can effectively fire, fire rating to reach B1 level, the case of fire from the fire, not to produce any toxic gas. Antibacterial, mildew, moth, anti acid. Pest control, termite, effectively prevent insects harassment, prolong the service life. Available for selection of a large number of colors. Good finish, both natural wood and wood texture, and can be customized according to their own personality needs of the color. The strength of the chairs is high and the impact strength is strong. No pollution, no paint, no pollution, no ammonia, no ammonia, benzene, etc.. And general wood is a need to do surface paint or water-based paint processing. Low carbon environmental protection, recycling. Billion lawsons 100% recycled wood. Protect the earth, is everyone's responsibility. No crack, no expansion, no deformation characteristics without the need for repair and maintenance, easy to clean, saving late repair and maintenance costs. Wood in 1 years, the general need to do maintenance or paint, etc.. In the long run, the maintenance cost of a wood chair is far lower than that of wood products. Wood chair is profiles, production in line with customer needs the length of the material, can be infinitely long, length of the solid is provided for the dead. Durable, save money, use the time of up to 10-15 years or more.
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