Small Beverage Cooler And Warmer Constant Temperature 146 X 108 X 127 MM

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Small Beverage Cooler And Warmer Constant Temperature 146 X 108 X 127 MM

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The TP202 beverage cooler and warmer is operated by a reversible thermo-electric heat pump, the Peltier module, which is automatically regulated by an internal temperature regulator. The internal CPU regulates temperature by comparing the thermistor sensor value with 5 temperature values stored in memory. The device is able to hold cans, bottles of up to 500 ml, which includes most standard soft drink cans and small wine bottles. The diameter, 75 mm, is large enough to hold a 1 liter carton of milk, juice or soft drink.

By confining the energy source in a small space, the cooling and heating process is much faster than most mini fridges using Peltier modules. And thus it is most suitable for maintaining a constant temperature. For example, it can be used to keep the temperature of a bottle of white constant at the ideal temperature of 7oC (45oF) over the course of a long meal. However, it still takes a relatively long time to cool down or warm up beverages from a hot or cold environment. The included flat top cap is used to cover the can or bottle at a suitable height to ensure more effective temperature control. Furthermore, the TP202 can also be used to produce yogurt.



2. Lowtemperaturelimittopreventfreezing.

3. Constanthightermperaturecontrolat50degreecelciusforyogurtmaking.

4. Indicatorlightblinkswhentemperaturearereached.

5. Lownoiselonglifebrushlessfan.

6. Transparentcoverfortallbottleorcan.

7. Switchingpowersupplysuppliedsuitableforallcountires.



- - - -
Benefits | Rapidtemperaturechange |
Alldrinksattheperfecttemperature |
Enhancestheflavorandenjoyment |
Pre-settemperatureforwines,soda,beer,milkorcoffee |
Noiceorwater |
Specification | Thermo-electricpeltiertechnology |
76mmdiameterpocket,usesthealuminumtumblerforanybottleslargerindiameter |
Indicatorlightblinkswhentemperaturesarereached |
Lownoiselong-lifebrushlessfan |
Acadapterincluded(input:100-240VAC/output:12VDC300mA |
- - - -


If the beverage can is small, place it towards the back of the machine where the Peltier module is situated, to allow for more effective cooling/warming.
Do not pour any fluid directly into the aluminum cavity as it may corrode. All liquid must be in a container.
50oC is the most suitable temperature for making yogurt. A stainless steel container should be used to hold the milk.


Remove all the items from the package. Plug the figure-8 end of the mains cable into the switching mode adaptors figure-8 socket, and the front of the mains cable into an A.C. mains socket. Connect the D.C. output round plug to the socket at the back of the unit.


After installation, press gently the ON/OFF switch at the left side to switch the power ON. The temperature is pre-set to 3oC. Use the selector on the right side to choose one of five desired temperatures, as indicated by one of five LEDS. Place the bottle, can or carton, into the aluminum cavity.
When the selected temperature is reached, the steady indicating light will begin to blink. The temperature selected will be maintained automatically through cooling and warming of the aluminum cavity.
Press the ON/OFF switch again to switch the power OFF.
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