Safe Skin Rejuvenator Home Beauty Equipment 2AA Alkaline Power Supply

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Safe Skin Rejuvenator Home Beauty Equipment 2AA Alkaline Power Supply

# Rejuvenates skin
# Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa
# Reduces freckles and dark sports
# Promotes wound healing, prevents infections and soothes burns
# Supports skin detoxification
# Enhances immune system

# Pure ozone generated between skin and glass surface on contact
# Ozone and electrostatic charges cleaner skin
# Remove mites and bacteria
# Ozone output within international safety limits
# Adjustable ozone output control
# Battery opeated ( 2XAA alkaline about 8 hours )
# Complete with stand and batteries


1 pureozonegeneratedbetweenskinandglasssurfaceoncontact.

2. Skiniscleanedbyozoneandelectrostaticcharges.

3. mitesandbacteriaareremoved.

4. Ozoneoutputwithininternationalsafetylimits.

5. adjustableozoneoutputcontrol.


7. optinal15-minuteautoswitchofftopreventoverusage.

Packing details:
# L*W*H: item 89*89*222mm
# Package: 267*140*127mm
# Master case pack/ weight: 6pcs/ 2.3kgs
# Master case dimension: 267*279*406mm


Remove the silicon end cap, unclip the battery cover, and insert the two alkaline batteries supplied. Please note that the terminal with a spring is the negative terminal of the battery. Make sure that the cover is fitted properly, for it is also a safety switch to prevent high voltage electricity from leaking out. No current will flow if the cover is not fitted properly.


Press and hold the only button gently for about three seconds to switch on the unit, as indicated by the green LED. This time delay is to prevent the unit from being switched on accidentally by the user or by children. Press the button once to switch the unit off.
The two alkaline batteries should last 6 hours. Replace with new alkaline batteries when the LED indicator light becomes dimmed.

# Itisrecommendednottokeepthedeviceonanyparticularspotformorethan10minutes,andnottousethedeviceformorethan30minutesatatime.
# AlkalineAAbatteriesmustbeusedbecausetheunitrequiresevendischargecharacteristics.
# Donottrytodismantletheunitforrepair.Therearenoserviceablepartsinside.
# Onlyuseadryclothtocleantheglasssurfaceandtheunit.
# Avoidcontactwithwateratalltimes.
# Astheglasssurfaceitselfisconstantlycoatedwithozone,whenusedbyanotherperson,thereisnoneedtodisinfectOZ200,asozoneisapowerfulantisepticitself.

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