Reduce Air Moisture Portable Compact Dehumidifier For Preventing Allergies

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Reduce Air Moisture Portable Compact Dehumidifier For Preventing Allergies

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Benefits | PortabledehumidifierDH100 |
| Improvesairquality |
| Preventsallergies |
| Foruseinclosets,kitchens,bathrooms,garages |
| Increasecomfort |
Specifications | Portabledehumidifierforuseincloset,kitchen,toilet |
| Useof12V5Apeltierthermalelectricmodule |
| Powerful120mmd.c.brushlesscoolingfan |
| Massivealuminiumheatsinks. |
| Detachablefrontgrillforeasycleaning |
| Handleforcarryingtheunitaround. |
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Portable evaporative dehumidifier DH100 is made by brand new plastic, good quality compressor and relevant spare parts. This product is multifunctional dehumidifier, which can be set humidity level according to different requirement. The appearance is very fashion and nice. This model is selling very well and popular all over the word with the very good price performance.


This is a multi-functional dehumidifier, and you can set the room humidity according to requirement. It could create a healthy and comfortable environment. The machine usually used in basement, wine cellar, storage, closet. Also could be used in kitchen, library, showroom, computer room archives, living room and bedroom. Recommendation condition: under 5-32.

Packing details:

Item dimensions: (L) 203 * (W) 152 * (H) 305mm
Box dimensions: 252*203*298
Master case pack/weight: 4 pieces/13.6kg
Master carton dimensions: 508*406*305mm

The product:

This product is designed to be portable, with a handle attached for ease of transport. Its dehumidifying capability is ideal for small spaces like wardrobes, pantries, small bedrooms etc. The front grill may be removed for cleaning. Electronic sensors monitor the water level such that the unit turns off automatically when the water tank is full. The unit also automatically shuts off in response to potential overheating due to fan failure.

At the heart of the unit is a Peltier thermal electric device which cools down the aluminum heat sink in the front. This causes water vapor to condense and be collected by the water tank below. The cool, dehumidified air is then sucked in by the fan at the back, blown onto the hot heat sink, and then released through the top of the unit.
There are three versions of this unit the DH100 (a basic dehumidifier), the DH100N (with negative ionizer output) and DH100Z (with ozone output).



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