Purify Air Professional Ionizer Car Air Purifier Customized Increase Body Metabo

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Purify Air Professional Ionizer Car Air Purifier Customized Increase Body Metabolism

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Product Name | Micro air purifier | Character 3 | Comes completed with car adaptor |
Model: | OZ100 | Application | For cars |
Character1 | Deodorizes | Color | White |
Character2 | Limits molds, bacteria,viruses, fungi ,spores, suspended particles, odors, yeast and protozoa | SIZE | 66*29*21mm |
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You car can be among the most polluted environments --a place where you and your passengers can spend hours breathing irritating, fatiguing air filled with smog, exhaust, pollen, dust, bacteria and other contaminants. Now, for the first time, you can thoroughly clean and freshen the air inside your car with the power of our multifunction air purifier for vehicle.

Our sleek new device traps airborne pollutants on electrostatically charged rings, removes charged particulates with negative ions, and neutralizes odors with freshening ozone. Cleaner, fresher air is silently circulated with ozone and, within a few minutes, you'll really noticed a difference -- you'll feel more comfortable and alerted And it contains fragrance box, surrounding you with lingering smell. Our multifunction air purifier for vehicle can easily rest on the dashboard or stick to the windshield.


Purify the air negative ions, ozone disinfector, kill bacteria and viruses, removal of dust and smoke, the static, increase the body's metabolism, promote blood circulation, beneficial to the brain, let a person find everything new and fresh.

The package

There are 3 items in the gift box

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The OZ 100 unit, with a car power cord attached |
A 3-legged mounting bracket |
Instruction manual |
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1. Push the mounting bracket into the grooves at the back of the unit
2. Push the bracket legs into the car vent
The unit can also be hung by a string through the ear hole at the left side.
3. If doing so, please make sure that the exit slots are at the bottom, positioned such that the ozone can fall out of these slots.

Operation manual

After attaching the unit to the cars air vent, push the power cord plug into the cigarette lighter socket. A glowing neon light will indicate that the unit is powered on. If the unit is being hung from the rear view mirror, power can be obtained from the lighting unit nearby.


Voltage: 12V D.C-13.6V D.C (Max)

Current: <100mA

Ozone output: <0.08ppm over 8 hours

Car cord plug: fuse protected

Dimension: 65x25x19mm

# Users must caution that many big vans and trucks use 24 VD.C batteries. The OZ100 unit will be damaged if used at this high voltage.
# Please beware that ozone is 1.7 times heavier than air and is a very powerful oxidation gas. Thus make sure that there are no metal objects near the ozone exit slots on the unit.
# If used hanging, the ozone slots must face downward in order for the ozone generated to fall out of the unit and so that the components on the circuit board will not be oxidized.
# Avoid very high temperature environments (>60 degrees Celsius)
# Avoid very human environments (>95% RH)
# Make sure there is adequate air circulation from the air vent in order for the ozone to mix with the air for optimal results
# If the user wants to use a power adaptor purchased outside, make sure that the adapter can only provide 12VD.C at 100 mA. Any higher rated adaptor must not be used, especially if it is an unregulated adapter.

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