Mini Professional Silent Portable Air Filters For Home , Tabletop Air Purifier

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Mini Professional Silent Portable Air Filters For Home , Tabletop Air Purifier

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ProductName | PortableairpurifierEP100 | Power | 2AAalkaline |
Model | EP100 | Application | Indoorandoutdoor |
Function1 | Removesodors,bacteria | Color | White |
Function2 | Getridofinfectiousviruses | Size | 102*76*28mm |
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# Highvoltageofabout-8kV
# Stainlesssteelpinelectrodes
# Powerconsumption:<65mAat3VD.C
# Flashingneonlighttoindicatepowerstatus
# Ultrasonicfrequencywavesabout30kHz.
# Effectivearea15-20(100-150ftsp)
# Dimension:1027628mm


Negative ions are considered the vitamin of the air. Molecules usually carry a neutral charge; however, when molecules lose an electron, they become anions (negatively charged ions). Anions are relatively unstable, and will attract and trap any free electron pairs. As a result of this attraction, small air pollutants and dust molecules bind with anions, producing an air purifying effect.

The EP100 is a lightweight, easy to carry, and powerful device, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A high voltage sine wave applied to two stainless steel pins generates negative ions. These negative ions are relatively free from harmful NOx molecules, unlike the ions produced from using high voltage pulses. Because of the sine waveform used, the device gives minimal interference to nearby electronic appliances. This product has CE certification.


# Theunitwithanattachedneckstrap
# Themountingbase
# 2AAalkalinebatteries
# SwitchingmodepoweradaptororAC/DClinearadaptor
# Theinstructionmanual


After fitting the batteries, press the ON/OFF button to switch ON the unit, as indicated by a flashing neon light and the production of static wind at the output holes. Hold the button for about 2 seconds to switch the unit OFF.
A set of batteries should last for about 20 hours of use. When the speed of the flashing neon slows down, the batteries should be replaced.
In addition to outdoor use, it is recommended the unit be used indoors with the AC/DC adaptor supplied.





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