Deodorize White Quiet Car Air Purifier Low Power Consumption FCC UL Certificatio

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Deodorize White Quiet Car Air Purifier Low Power Consumption FCC UL Certification


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Voltage | 12VD.C-13.6VD.C |
Current | <100mA |
Ozoneoutput | <0.08ppmover8hours |
Carcordplug | fuseprotected |
Dimension | 63x25x19mm |
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Specification details:

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Smallestinthemarket |
Lowpowerconsumption12VDC(60mA) |
Lowtemperaturerise |
Ozoneoutputwithininternationalsafetylimit |
Size:63*25*19mm |
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Main functions:

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OzoneGenerator | Ozonecankillairbornegerms,mildewandsporesandeliminate unpleasantodors |
Ionizer | Negativeionscanreduceinhalableairborneparticles |
ActivatedCarbonFilter | RemovesunpleasantodorslikeairborneallergensandVOCmolecule |
ElectrostaticRings | Trapsmallerairborneparticleslikedust,smokeandpollensetc |
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The OZ-100 is designed to be small in size, robust, and complement the style and design of car interiors. High voltage sine waves generate sparks in the neon, inducing a high voltage field between the neon glass surface and a stainless steel coil, thus converting surrounding oxygen into ozone.

Ozone is a very powerful oxidizing gas which oxidizes long chain molecules that can be smelt by the nose. When oxidized, these long chain molecules break down into shorter molecules that cannot be smelt, thus removing the odor from the air.

Ozone generated by this method is considered to be relatively pure. The amount generated is small and within the international safety standard guidelines of 0.08 ppm over 8 hours.



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TheOZ100unit,withacarpowercordattached |
A3-leggedmountingbracket |
Instructionmanual |
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1. Users must caution that many big vans and trucks use 24 VD.C batteries. The OZ100 unit will be damaged if used at this high voltage.
2. Please beware that ozone is 1.7 times heavier than air and is a very powerful oxidation gas. Thus make sure that there are no metal objects near the ozone exit slots on the unit.
3. If used hanging, the ozone slots must face downward in order for the ozone generated to fall out of the unit and so that the components on the circuit board will not be oxidized.
4. Avoid very high temperature environments (>60 degrees Celsius)
5. Avoid very human environments (>95% RH)
6. Make sure there is adequate air circulation from the air vent in order for the ozone to mix with the air for optimal results
7. If the user wants to use a power adaptor purchased outside, make sure that the adapter can only provide 12VD.C at 100 mA. Any higher rated adaptor must not be used, especially if it is an unregulated adapter.

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