Glutathione Injection GSH For Whitening 3000mg

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Packaging: 5+5, 6+12+1
Standard: GMP
Usage: whitening
MOQ: 100
Certificate: CE,GMP,FDA
Place of Origin: China

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Please add skype: live:865925222 or whatsapp:+86-18348882655 for more detials. Product name:Advanced Glutathione for injection 2.Specification:3g 3.Package:5 vials+5 solvents/tray/box 4.Shelf life:36 months 5.Registration dossiers are available. If you are interested in our products,ple feel free to contact us. Reduced Glutathione Powder (GSH) is a physiologic tripeptide-a chain of three amino acids-cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid. The tripeptide GSH is one of the most important endogenous antioxidants. It plays role of a sulfhydryl (SH) group provider for direct scavenging reaction catalyzed by Glutathione peroxidise and as a scavenger of vitamin E and vitamin C radicals. What is the benefict of glutathone? a. Glutathione is an antioxidant that cleans the liver, takes care of free radicals and helps the brain as well. Glutathione is safe for everyone, no matter the age. b. Glutathione is considered to be the most powerful, most versatile and most important part of the body's self-generated antioxidants. c. Glutathione is a food supplement and not a drug, therefore doesn't require Food and Drug Administration approval. It is listed in the USFDA's GRAS list of safe food supplements. d.Glutathione is effective in helping with skin lightening if you take it in a greater dosage. The most advisable Glutathione dosage is 500-1,000mg daily. It is also recommends to take Vitamin C (500-1,000mg) ascorbic acid to be able to maximize its lightening effect. The skin whitening treatment has been one of the most sought procedure that needs good CLINICAL result. It is a tedious process and many of us might even go for the cheapest way to get the best skin lightening effect. IV Glutathione is never a far-reached option for us! Is there any drug interactions? Yes, you must not take Glutathione if your are taking Haloperidol (anti-psychotic drug) and Cisplatin (Chemotherapeutic Drug). Glutathione deactivates these drugs actions.While using Glutathione suppository, if any rectal irritation, rectal pain, abdominal discomfort (excessive gas, bloating, pain) discontinue immediately and seek medical care. Usage: Depending on individual skin condition and the problem needs to. The following is the proposed use: Intensive treatment: 2 vials per week, lasting two months Maintenance: 1 vial every 2 weeks STORAGE Store below 30. Constituted solutions of parenteral Glutathione maintain satisfactory potency at room temperature (up to 25) up to 3 hours. Protect from light. SHELF LIFE Three years from date of manufacture. CAUTION Administration of this drug should be by a licensed medical practitioner or a certified clinician. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Tell: +86 18348882655 Yolanda
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