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Metal Plastic Composite Panel Production Line Aluminium Coil Coating PE Core Description: Our aluminum composite panel production lines are the special product line for a new metal and plastic composite material (aluminum composite panel) by hot composite for macromolecule adhesive film with the coating aluminum and the PE core. The aluminum composite panel not only has the characters of light sound insulationheat insulationfireproofinghigh intensionrich colorstable coloreasily fixed, but also with the beauty and splendid decorating. The mainframe using the vacuum exhaust plastic extruder, expels the gas which is produced after the material being heated. This avoids the air bubble to improve the quality of the core. The screw feeder chooses the 38GRMOALA high quality alloy steel. It is critically designed and nitrogen treated. The coat- hanger plate special-purpose mold, uses the high quality molding tool steel, the cavity surface chrome-plating bright and clean like mirror, product thickness, the width adjust with the manual spiral mirror bolt; The hydraulic pressure screen changer with hydraulic pressure realizes the screen change without stopping machine. The special flow channel design and the thermostatically-controlled equipment may guarantee constant temperature, the constant speed, leaves the material to be stable. Three-roller calender use the imported high quality seamless steel pipe, roller specification 400*1500MM, wall thickness 35MM, the roller surface after intermediate frequency quenching processing; Guarantees base material degree of hardness HR55, after chrome-plating processing, surface roughness Ra <= 0.025pm. Three rollers support are straight verticalally, uses the imported decelerator transmission, uses imported frequency changer to control three rollers and drawing The auxiliary uses the unique thermo-compression compound unit, and can compound 0.026---0.5MM thick aluminum foil directly. The completely beautiful vertical shearing machine form revolution which the plate cutter cut formerly, might reduce the massive manpower every year, directly reduced the product cost. In the assembly line the exquisite planer creates production compound board does not need to level off once.
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