Heavy - duty Degreasing Powder for stainless steel / plastic / rubber work piece

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Be suitable for degreasing steel/stainless steel/plastic/rubber work pieces.

Brief: JH1107 is suitable for degreasing steel/stainless steel/plastic/rubber work pieces.

Preparation of tank liquid : Put cold water into the tank till three-quarter with appropriate degreasing powder, then stirring, after, add sufficient water till working level, after, heat bath solution till operating temperature

Parameter control: compound concentration:40-80kg/1000l

Outlook: white to light red powder

Free alkali: 30-50

Ph: 12-14

Temperature: rt-70degree

Dipping time:3-15minutes

Detecting method:

Free alkalinity: pipet 10ml sample into 250ml conical beaker, add 2-3 dripping phenolphthalein indicator, after drop 0.1N hydrochloric acid till pink disappear. The consumption of the hydrochloric acid is same as free alkalinity.

Tatol alkali: pipet 10ml sample into 250ml conical beaker, add 2-3 dripping Bromine phenol indicator, after drop 0.1N sulphuric acid till green disappear. The total consumption of the sulphuric acid is same as total alkali.

We could calculate the ratio between total alkali and free alkalinity(TFR).

We could add 2kg JH1107per 1000L BATH SOLUTION when free alkalinity increase 1point. The TFR will increase together with the Total alkali, and we could detect the pollution according to TFR.

Bath solution control: Max TFR will be different according to the different workpiecessolid impurity and temperature. We could drain the bath solution regularly in continuous flow or automatic flow to maintain the TFR lower than MAX TFR.

Reserve requirement:

Reserve in dry shady and cool place. Pulverize caking if you find any.


Period of validity: one year


Should observe chemical products disposal rules.

Effluent disposal: bath solution is alkali with phosphate which should be neutralized or disposed before drain.
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