Food / Beverage Bag / Pouch Semi-Automatic Packing Machine 1.2KW AC220V

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Semi-automatic packing machine, HT-B3 pouch powder packaging machine


This machine is completely made of stainless steel, Filling system is driven by stepper motor, and Taiwan made maintenance-free reducer is used for agitating motor , Product cabinet is specified as fully closed , damper air-pressure control , made of stainless steel and glass . The dust extraction device is mounted in the mouth of the filling tube , designed for reusable working table height adjustable , with a waste product drawer under the table .

Technical parameter

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Measuring way | Screw metering |
Weight range | 1-500g |
Accuracy | 2% |
Speed | 15-40bags/min |
Power | AC220V 1.2KW |
Hopper | 30L |
Weight | 230Kg |
Size | 7008601680mm |
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Product features

Made of stainless steel ,totally adapt to the require of GMP or other food sanitation certification suitable for packing corrosive chemicals ;

1. Filling better stability and higher weighing precision

2. Filling system is driven by Stepper motor, high precision high torque , long operation life and rpm settable ;

3.Taiwan made maintenance-free reducer is used for agitating motor: low noise level , long operation life, maintenance-free for life time ;

4. Designed for working condition changeable in any time;Max.10 recipes can be saved for laterusing;

5. Product cabinet is fully closed , damp air-pressure controlled and made of glass with stainlesssteel ,products movement in the cabinet is clear at a glance no powder leak ,

dustextraction device mounted in the mouth of the filling tube lead to clean plant environment ;

6. Trough changing accessories, the machine is suitable for multiple products, no matter super fine power or large grain.

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