Beverage / Food / Medical Semi-Automatic Filling Machine With Pneumatic Driven

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Semi-automatic Piston Filling Machine, Bottling Machine, Liquid Filling Machine

Technical parameter

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Measuring precision | 2% |
Filling capacity | 50-1000ml |
Production capacity | 15bottles/min/head |
Air pressure | 0.45Mpa |
Air consumption | 1000L/min/head |
Net Weight | 200Kg(4heads) |
Selectable device | Product conveying belt, Automatic feeding system, Liquid level display device, Mixing system, Third section electric control system, Labeling machine, Voltage regulator, Air compressor, Back suction device |
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Applicable to the pharmaceutical chemical food and special industries, is ideal for high viscosity fluid filling equipment.

(1) Cream, paste Products,In cosmetic industry: face cream, body cream, washing cream, vaseline etc

In food industry industry: honey, sauce, ketchup, tomato paste, mayonnaise, mustard, chocolate etc

In chemical industry: welding paste, ink, paint, pigment etc.

(2) Liquid productsshampoo, lotion, liquid soap, detergent, juice, solution etc.

(3) Make-up products:Lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, marscara etc

(4) Adhesive products:Instant glue, AB glue, silica gel, anaerobic adhesive, silicon, sealing etc

Machines for them: double planet mixer, ribbon blender, tube filling and sealing machine ect

Our Service:

1.One year after sales service

2, The Engineer can service abroad

3.Delivery on-Time

4. More than 15years design and manufacture experience



1: First time import, how can I believe you would send product ?

A: We are verified company by Alibaba ,to make transaction success, we support and recommend ESRCOW or LC .

2: How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?

A: First , we package is standard for shipping, before pick up , please confirm product undamage, we've bought insurance for you, if damage, we or ship company will take the responsibility.

3: What aftersales service or any question about products?

Our factory have large group resident engineers overseas,we can give you the most effective way for your problem. you are welcome always!

Packaging and shipping:

In 30 days after we get the order and startto produce.We will be ready to ship the cargo,All we do will be sure with our customers requires and also the samples sent by customers.After we are ready to ship.We will contact our customers to be sure which port and also the ship that is needed.We will provide our whole term careness with the whole order to make sure we will not waste our customer's time.

The Semi-Automatic packing machine working video as following link

Any questions or further information be free contact with us at : 008613100657071
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