Lightness Box Truss Aluminium Trusses Hanging Music Equipment Restaurant Decorat

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Lightness Box Truss Aluminium Trusses Hanging Music Equipment Restaurant Decoration

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Aluminum Truss uses international standard 6082 material, with the advantages of beautiful appearance,small volume, easy to set up and transport, itself also has the advantages of excellent compressive and anticorrosive performance; the truss average loading can meet many kinds of performances, business conferences audio equipment requirements. Other irregular shapes can be customized according to the customers' requirements.

# Material : 6082 Aluminum
# Color : Silver, Black, Red, Green or Customized
# Standard: TUV , ISO9001
# Truss Shape: Triangle

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Item NO. | TRB400 | TRB300 | TRB387 | TRB287 |
Truss Shape | Triangle | Triangle | Triangle | Triangle |
Size of Truss | 400x400mm | 300x300mm | 387x387mm | 287x287mm |
Length | 0.5M-3M | 0.5M-3M | 0.5M-3M | 0.5M-3M |
Main Tube | Diameter 50mm , Thickness 3mm | Diameter 50mm , Thickness 3mm | Diameter 50mm , Thickness 3mm | Diameter 50mm , Thickness 3mm |
Vice Tube | 50x25mm Strenghten quadrate | 50x25mm Strenghten quadrate | / | / |
Standpipe | Diameter 30mm , Thickness 2mm | Diameter 30mm , Thickness 2mm | 50mm Spigot | 50mm Spigot |
Brace Tube | Diameter 30mm , Thickness 2mm | Diameter 30mm , Thickness 2mm | Diameter 30mm , Thickness 2mm | Diameter 20mm , Thickness 2mm |
MaxSpan | 12M | 12M | 12M | 12M |
Max Loading | 510-950kg | 250-780kg | 450-770kg | 220-680kg |
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1. Celebration services: opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, housewarming celebration; opened the ribbon-cutting, the launching ceremony, the unveiling ceremony, the groundbreaking ceremony for the completion ceremony, capping ceremony, the foundation stone laying ceremony, , the signing ceremony, the listing ceremony,, public relations etiquette; promotion of new products, awards ceremony;

2. Business services: press conferences, new product launches, the various types conferences such as for investment,order, awards, the annual meeting, customer appreciation, sightseeing exchanges

3. Performances service: Business promotional performances, thank and return banquet, theatrical show, the models show,the ethnic features performances, Chinese and foreign star invitation; stage design, and production of the lighthouse for performing arts, performances facility ,stage lighting truss.

To Large-scale performances, large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, meetings, real estate, car park, government, television activities,we provide all the planning, art production, site decoration, like a one-stop service. We have number of successful planning and implementation of major activities, the opening and closing ceremonies, awards ceremony; important groundbreaking ceremony of the project and the completion of the ceremony, the property market opening, press releases, product promotion and brand communication, the new car market activities.

Other Information of Product

Warranty: 2 Years
Sample: Depends on the quantity of order.
Design: Any designs can be customized.
Loading Port : Guangzhou Port / Shenzhen Port

Type of Trading

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Payment Terms | T/T, L/C, Western Union |
Payment | 50% TTin davance, the balance should be against before shipment |
Delivery | 15-20 working days after receive your deposit |
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