GM2-LS560S Twin Injection Cylinder Injection Molding Machine

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Brand Name: Lanson
Model Number: GM2-LS560S
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 set
Type: horizontal
Certificate: CE, UL
Feature: twin injection cylinders injection molding machine, servo motor i
Product Status: New
Clamping force: 5600KN
Shot weight: a. 1506g b. 1967g c. 2489g
opening stroke: 860mm

Product Detail

1.Optimized design for twin injection cylinders 2. Adoption injection base instead of traditional two-point support. Rigidity of injection unit is improved greatly. 3. Patented design of the tail platen 4. Accurate gear mold adjustment and automatic mold adjustment. The molding adjustment action is smooth and fast. 5. Patented design of the tail platen. Adoption box type design with maximum size ensure small distortion of platen. 6. Various plastisizing system 7. Optimized designed for the moving platen 8. Servo motor injection molding machine

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