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Machine-room-less Golden Etch Elevator Characteristics: (1) Concise building design: No-load top of thehoistway provides wider imaginary space for architects and makes the buildingmore novel and unique.. (2) Energy-saving and eco-friendly: It meetsEuropean standard related to electromagnetic compatibility and greatly reducesthe mutual disturbance between elevator system and other electronic systems. The mainengine needs no lubrication and the hoistway is clean. It adoptsrecyclable materials for package and transportation, and many components, suchas steel belt and most materials of the control cabinet, are recyclable. (3) High-speed: It adopts frequency converterwith high output rate to improve the motor output power of tractor so as toadapt to the development of high-rise buildings. (4) Economical: Machine-room-less system needssmaller space, which not only saves a large number of construction costs butalso creates more usable building space for customers. (5) Shorter delivery time: Various subsystemsadopt global standard manufacture process, so that the manufacture period isshorter and the performance is more stable. Preassembled subsystems aretransported to the construction site and professional production-lineinstallation procedure is adopted so that the working hours are greatly reducedand even the most strict delivery time of customers can be met.

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71% - 80%
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