Light Weight Mountain Bike Helmets Kids Printed Yellow Dancing Man

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Light weight Mountain Bike Helmets Kids Printed Yellow Dancing Man


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Place of origin | Guangdong,china |
ModelNo. | D2 |
Material | PC + EPS |
Brand Name | O ORIGINAL |
Accessory | Lightweighttriplesizeadjustmentsystem (adjuster) |
Softmeshlining |
Comfortablechinpad |
Quick - releasebuckle |
Highqualitynylonstrap |
Protective sack |
Standard | CE , ISO9001, CPSC , SAI , ASTM |
AirVents | 6 |
Size | XS (46-50cm); S/M(50-56cm) |
NetWeight | 240g |
Colorand Logo | Pantone |
MOQ | 100PCS ( It could be negotiable ) |
Service | OEMandODMserviceaccepted |
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Impact Absorption: The advanced EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene) liner is constructed with variable bridge and channel volume in order to optimize the overall impact protection performance.

Perfect Fitness: This model is developed per the ISO/DIS 6220 standard and keeps 90% fitness.

Power-fit: Makes the helmet easily adjustable.The innovative and exclusive Power Fit system provides a firm and comfortable fit and prevents the helmet from rolling on your head. Adjustable in both reach and height.

Quick release fit System: An adjustable system which enable the rider to release the fit system quickly by a single and easy press on the case button. Adjustable in reach and height.

Cool soft:The removable and washablepadding is made from onepiece of anti-bacterial fire dry fabric with addingfeaturing a 3D open cellstructure and ensuresmaximum comfort and givesaway sweat fast.

Correct Way of Putting Helmet on Head:

Putting on the helmet: Align the front rim of the helmet above your eyebrows. Hold the straps on both sides and roll the helmet over the back of your head. Make sure the front is low against the forehead; otherwise no size or model will fit or protect you correctly.There should be minimal or no gap between the helmet and your eyebrows. Once the helmet is on, the next step is to check for comfort and gaps. The comfort padding should be flush against the forehead

with no large gaps. The back of the helmet should not cover the nape of the neck. Make sure the helmet is positioned all the way down on the head.

Fit test: Gently roll or lift the helmet off your head. If the skin on your forehead moves slightly, you have a good fit.

Proper use: Always adjust and secure the chin strap buckles before use. Adjust the straps to retain the helmet in place. Finally, adjust the two-point harness for perfect fit and protection. Both straps on each side should have the same tension.

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