Flame - Retardant Silicone Rubber Adhesive Sealant Aluminum - Plastic Plate

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Flame - Retardant Silicone Rubber Adhesive Sealant Aluminum - Plastic Plate


One-component, drying at neutral room temperature, excellent construction silicone sealant;Excellent flame retardant performance, reached FV-0 level (GB/T2408), will not release smoke or toxic gas in the combustion.Excellent weather resistant, Good anti ultraviolet ability;No need any base coating under normal conditions. Good adhesion for most building materials;Neutral drying. No corrosion to metal, coated glass, concrete, ceramics, marble, granite and other building materials.Good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealant.


Use for flame-retardant and sealing of public places such as hotels, theatre, guesthouses waterproof, moisture proof, decoration, etc.Use for door and windows install, flame-retardant and sealing;Use for flame retardant and sealing of fire doors, windows and curtain wall engineering;Use for flame retardant and sealing of electronic, electrical components;Use for the bonding and sealing of ceramics engineering.Other industrial usage

Construction Guide:

1, Must use solvents such as toluene or acetone, keep the interface clean and dry.

2, As to the use of a primer to enhance its adhesion, when the primer is dry before construction. 3, Construction application of sealant joints completely filled, ensure a double faced adhesive. Taped the protection of sites in need, but make sure the tape not to touch the surface of construction will be.

3, Before the gum is solidified, trimming immediately, in order to achieve the beautiful appearance.


When the surface of the material at the temperature above 40, can't be constructed using the sealant; cannot be used as structural adhesive; not in the wet surface construction; cannot be used for oil or oil leakage surface; cannot be used directly in the new cement concrete surface.


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Performance | Standard | Measured Value | Testing Method | Performance | Standard |
Slumpability | Horizontal | Not change shape | Not change shape | GB/T 13477 | Tensile Modulus Mpa | >0.4 |
Vertical(mm) | 3 | 0 | GB/T 13477 | Tensile proper | No damage |
Extrusion ml/min | 80 | 87 | GB/T 13477 | Movement capability(%) | 25 |
Skin time min | 180 | 30 | GB/T 13477 | Flame Retardant | FV-0 |
Hardness (HsA) | 20-60 | 55 | GB/T 531 | Aging Test | Passed |
Peel Strength N/mm | 1.0 | 3.8 | GB/T 13477 | Storage | 9 months shelf life if stored below 27 in cool and dry place after production. |
- - - -


Silicone sealant will release volatile compound so that it could be harmful to health, therefore, please keep good and ventilate;Silicone sealant will not release any harmful substance and not be harmful to health after cured;Keep uncured silicone sealant beyond childrens reach. If getting into eyes, wash off with running water and consult a doctor;


As an ISO9001-2015, ISO14001 certified company, we are committed to establish and implement the ISO9001 Quality Management System. We will sign the Quality Guarantee with customers after they buy our products and confirm the construction organization and engineering.


Generally there is no need to repair. If the seal joint is damaged, please remove the damaged silicone sealant, clean the surface of substrates, and fill up with silicone sealant.

KAYA silicone sealants have good adhesion to cured sealant.

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