Carton Box Rotary Die-Cutting Machine For Sticker And Label , Digital Die Cutter

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Carton Box Rotary Die-Cutting Machine For Sticker And Label , Digital Die Cutter Features: This machine is exclusive equipment for die cutting and molding, suitable for the manufacturing of colorful cartons, boxes and other package products of abnormal shape. It adopts the double roller pressing and urethane soft template; die cutting speed difference servo makes up the linear velocity automatically, completing the paperboard and the siding, slotting, punching, creasing and folding of the corrugated paper of medium and small thickness at one time. The machine adopts the vacuum adsorption feeding facility; the main machine adjusts the speed by electromagnetism and the die cutting phase by computer, featuring high precision of die cutting, high speed and convenient operation. Technical Instruction of the Equipment: Die cutter phase is adjusted by computer and electric digital control in a scope of 360o Die cutter horizontal movement is adjusted by computer and electric digital control of a scope of 5mm. Die cutting cushion roller moves in the automatic and horizontal manner, automatically making up for linear velocity ensures even wear of the UNFLAIR glue cushion. The equipped cushion repairing system enables several times of using the cushion, which makes the die cutting and formation beautiful without damaging knives. The cushion rollers mechanical, horizontal and cam facility moves horizontally in a scope of 35mm to lengthen the using life of the die cutting cushion. The light alloy aluminum back-kick vacuum adsorption feeding system, with several groups of rolling bearing, ensures stable running. Left and right baffle and back baffle positions are under the computer and electric and digital control as the side baffle is equipped with pneumatic trimming facilities. Consecutive or skip paper feeding goes with the infrared electrophonic counter. Imported controlling system along with Siemens low voltage electric appliance and host frequency conversion control realizes the electricity saving about 30%. Main Technical Parameter - - - - SERIAL | WYAZSNAME | UNIT | MODEL | 1 | Max.papercoveragearea | mm | 12702000 | 2 | Effectivediecuttingarea | mm | 12001800 | 3 | Max.mechanicalspeed | Pieces/min | 115 | 4 | Heightofdiecutter | mm | 25.4 | 5 | Powerofmainmotor | kw | 7.5 | - - - - Functions of piling unit: The height of stack is 1600mm. The rising and descending of the machine tool platform is driven by the powerful chain. The rising and descending motor has equipped with the brake function to keep fixed position of the machine tool unchanged without falling down. With the paperboards piling to a higher level, the machine tool platform automatically adjusts the tilting height; When the paperboards are piled to the planned height, the paper receiving tray will automatically open and catch the paperboard under the pneumatic motion. It is equipped with security protection device which forces the platform not to fall down abruptly to ensure the workers safety. The surface corrugated belt can prevent the sliding of the paperboard. The width of the stacker includes 2200mm, 2800mm, 3200mm.

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